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How a Home Theater AV Receiver Brings the Cinematic Experience to Your Living Room

Bringing the full cinematic experience into the comfort of your home with an AV receiver is easier than you think. Thanks to the widespread availability of 4K televisions, Blu-ray players and surround sound systems, anyone can set one up to enjoy immersive sound for all of your home entertainment.

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The one device that drives the experience

Your AV receiver is essentially the command center of your home theater, essentially connecting it all: your TV, speakers, subwoofers, media players, and other devices. Everything runs through the receiver.

If you have more media devices — Blu-ray players, game consoles, DVR, etc. – than your TV's inputs can support, an AV receiver is a must. Otherwise, you'll have to make some hard choices about which media players make the cut and which ones don’t. Regardless of how many media devices you use, you never want to compromise the functionality of your home theater setup, so it’s best to run everything through a receiver and then connect it to your television.

If you don’t run your media devices through an AV receiver, you also run the risk of having a cluttered and unsightly setup, especially if your TV is mounted on the wall. An AV receiver definitely streamlines things a bit, corralling those cords into a single entertainment system, while only one HDMI cable needs to run from the box to your TV.

Home theater receivers provide cinematic-quality audio

While sound bars are a great option to enjoy cinematic sound with less cords and a direct connection to your TV, you get a more robust and comprehensive home theater experience with an AV receiver.

More complex sound systems demand it, too, since all of those different speakers and devices cannot be connected through a television set alone. Plus, an AV receiver ensures you’re getting the best performance from everything that’s connected to it. Whether it’s a front-facing three-channel experience you're after, or a full-throttle five-channel (or more) surround sound setup you’re after, an AV receiver is the answer you seek to really bring the cinema home.

The best AV receivers available today have significantly expanded audio capabilities, supporting new formats designed to faithfully replicate commercial theater sound quality. There are a variety of audio formats available, from the standard Dolby Digital to more advanced options such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. True audiophiles who want something even more sophisticated may be interested in receivers that support Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, or Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization Technology.

Getting the right AV receiver that powers immersive, full-bodied home theater is essential to maximizing your enjoyment of it. And you can find exactly what you need tools to replicate a cinematic soundstage right here at

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