Purchases of Denon product should be made from Denon.com or one of our authorized dealer sites to be assured that you are receiving “factory fresh” product directly from Denon and supported by training and other information so that we can ensure the integrity of the product backed by sufficient product performance knowledge.

We cannot ensure such an experience at other sites and, if the product is altered in any way, it will void the warranty.

Products purchased from locations other than Denon.com or an authorized dealer do not qualify for warranty coverage.

To view our complete warranty please choose

New product

or Refurbished product.

To check to see if your dealer is authorized, click here.

AudioQuest Accessories Warranty

Purchases of Denon Accessories Bundles from Denon.com include a limited warranty on the accessories’ products from the manufacturer, AudioQuest. To view the complete AudioQuest accessories warranty, please click here. All inquiries regarding the AudioQuest Accessories Warranty should be directed to AudioQuest at 949-790-6000 or [email protected].