Personalized Earbuds

Personalized sound, powered by Masimo Adaptive Acoustic Technology (AAT), combined with Denon's signature sound to deliver a vivid and spacious audio experience that is tailored to each individual.

Denon Personalized Earbuds feature
Denon Signature Sound Denon Signature Sound
Adaptive Acoustic Technology Adaptive Acoustic Technology
Noise Cancelling Models Active noise cancelation
Extended Listening Full day battery power
Social Mode Social Mode
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2 Products
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    Premium True Wireless earbuds with personalized sound and lossless audio
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    True Wireless earbuds with personalized sound
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    The PerL For You

    Denon PerL and PerL Pro compared

    The Denon PerL and PerL Pro wireless earbuds use Masimo AAT technology to deliver truly personalized sound. There are a wide range of features across the two, and infinite solutions to your unique listening preferences.

    This is sound at its most personal.

    *Read more about Perl battery life here.

    Denon PerL Earbuds

    Masimo AAT

    Masimo AAT automatically measures your hearing and creates a profile perfectly tuned to you.

    Denon signature sound

    Denon PerL earbuds have our signature vivid and spacious sound quality and are hand-tuned by the Denon sound master. We will always remain faithful to true audio reproduction.

    Active noise cancellation

    Tune out the distractions of the world with active noise cancellation so you can focus on your music.

    Why Denon?

    For over a century, we've crafted cutting-edge audio products that deliver the ultimate detail. Our Japanese heritage inspires us, and we have each product hand-tuned by our sound master. Prepare to hear sound differently.