Sound Bars

Transform any home with Denon sound bars. Fill every home theater with clear, spacious sound.

Denon Sound Bars Feature
3D Audio 3D Audio
Simple Setup Simple Setup
Denon Dialog Enhancer Denon Dialog Enhancer
Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Models Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Models
Sound Master Tuned Sound Master Tuned
110+ Years of Innovation 110+ Years of Innovation
5 Products
5 Products
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    Smart Sound Bar with Dolby Atmos and HEOS® Built-in
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    Large Sound Bar with Dolby Atmos and wireless Subwoofer
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    Mid-size Sound Bar with wireless Subwoofer
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    Compact Sound Bar with Dolby Atmos
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    Full-range Dolby Atmos sound bar with built-in subwoofers and Bluetooth streaming.
    $99.00 Price reduced from $199.00
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    Denon Sound Bars


    One cable, one power plug, one app.

    TV & Music in one

    Experience TV and music with Denon sound master tuning and 3D sound.

    Control and connect top services

    Look for sound bars with Alexa voice control, Dolby Atmos, and HEOS® Built-in to connect with your favorite streaming services.


    Powered by HEOS®

    Connect Everything

    Connect your Denon HEOS-enabled speakers, AV receivers, sound bars, and amplifiers

    The HEOS® App

    Use the free app to set up and control any Denon product with HEOS Built-in.

    Voice Control

    Works with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri.

    Music Streaming

    From Spotify, Amazon Music HD, TuneIn, Deezer, TIDAL, Napster, and MoodMix where available.
    Sound Bar Buying Guide
    Everything you need to know.
    What is a sound bar?
    A sound bar is a one-piece home theatre that improves the audio quality of your TV’s built-in speakers. It’s simple to set-up—plug into power and connect one cable to the TV and that’s it. It is a single piece of equipment that houses a left, right, and centre channel speaker so you don’t need individual speakers. Many support Dolby ATMOS and/or DTS:X to replicate 3D sound.
    Why do I need a sound bar?
    Chances are, if you’re reading this sentence, you care about sound quality. A sound bar will have better sound than the TV’s built-in speakers. If you add one, you’ll get more impact, volume, and clarity in every way from anything you watch. We even make sound bars with the Denon Dialog Enhancer on board, so you’ll never miss a word during those pivotal moments. Some sound bars will have up-firing speakers to take advantage of a film’s surround sound channels, while other sound bars will have the ability to wirelessly connect to a surround speakers.
    How to choose a sound bar?
    Choose a sound bar based first on the space you are trying to fill. Have a smaller apartment with a small tv? Try a smaller sound bar. Have the large TV room of your dreams? Go with a larger sound bar with a subwoofer, maybe even a bundle to include two rear surround sound speakers as well. Next, go with the sound bar that fits into your budget. “More expensive” does not always equal “best for your needs” in this case. Start with a reputable brand that’s been in the premium audio space for a long time, then go with their best sound bar that you can afford.
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    Why Denon?

    For over a century, we've been crafting cutting-edge audio products that deliver on ultimate detail, inspired by our Japanese heritage, with each product hand-tuned by our sound master. Prepare to hear sound differently.