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Denon PerL. Precisely tuned to your hearing.

You've never heard anything like this.

Personalized for your hearing

We all hear differently, so why do we listen the same way? Denon PerL creates a listening profile that’s perfectly adapted to how you hear, so you can experience music exactly as it was meant to sound.


Your sonic sanctuary in a noisy world

Go from chaos to calm with a single tap. Silence distractions and hear only what matters—whether that’s your favorite song, an important call, or nothing at all.


Stay engaged while staying in the groove

Tune into sounds around you without missing a moment of your music or podcast. It’s the perfect balance of immersion and awareness.

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Over A Century of Innovation

Japanese artisanship and sound mastery since 1910.

Outstanding Customer Service

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Handcrafted & Hand-Tuned

Every Denon product is masterfully hand-tuned to make sure the sound is as intended

Products with Purpose

5% of every sale on Denon.com goes to Sound Start, keeping music in schools

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Denon PerL earbuds

Truly personalized audio

Denon PerL and PerL Pro earbuds create a personalized sound profile based on your hearing. The result? Vivid and spacious sound, fine-tuned to you.

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Defining Audio Excellence

Our approach to creating vivid and spacious sound

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