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Dirac Live for Denon

Advanced room correction to optimize your listening space

The wait is over

At Denon, we’ve been pushing audio boundaries for over a century, so we’ve partnered with Dirac—who have also been at the forefront of Room Correction technology. We’re happy to announce Dirac Live, complete with Dirac Live Bass Control, is now available for the AVR-A1H, AVR-X3800H, and AVR-X4800H AV receivers. Want to learn more? Head over to to purchase a license.

Your room wants Dirac Live

Dirac Live enables users to optimize their sound systems and reduce unwanted room effects. It’s easy to use, with step-by-step guidance that allows for quick setup and personalization. Basically, Dirac Live takes your listening room or home theater that one step further towards perfection.

Why do you need room correction? 

Your listening space affects your sound. Walls, floors, windows, and furniture all affect how sound waves travel, maximizing certain frequencies while weakening others. Even more, your speakers may not be placed symmetrically, meaning the left and the right channels hit your ears at different times. This leads to distorted stereo imaging.

Speakers and subwoofers can interfere with each other as well, cancelling out at certain frequencies. This can cause muddy sound, distorted soundstage, and flabby bass. If you don’t address these issues, your audio system at home will sound lackluster—regardless of price. 

Why choose Dirac Live?

Dirac Live provides world-class Room Correction with its patented mixed-phase technology and time domain correction—which other solutions just don’t have. Dirac Live delivers unparalleled performance, minimizing the room's impact on sound. You’ll enjoy enhanced clarity, more accurate imaging and staging, a larger sweet spot, deeper, tighter bass, and richer audio detail. Moreover, Dirac Live is the only solution that delivers phase and speaker driver alignment, room resonance reduction, and early reflection reduction.

Got a subwoofer or even multiple subwoofers? Upgrade to Dirac Live Bass Control, which co-optimizes speakers to improve bass accuracy and ensures consistent bass performance throughout the listening area from a single- or multiple-subwoofer setup. Each subwoofer is tuned as part of a complete unit in your listening space, leading to a consistent and realistic response, no matter the arrangement. 

Dirac Live + Denon

If you’ve made it this far, we’ll guess you’re obsessed with sound quality. If that’s you, then using Dirac Live to optimize your listening space is something you will notice the moment you press play on your favorite album. We offer Dirac Live on the AVR-A1H, AVR-X3800H, and the AVR-X4800H AV receivers—so go get a license at and hear your music like never before.

Dirac Live Ready Devices

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