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Nippon Denki Onkyo

日本電気音響Japanese Flag

Japan Electric Acoustics

Denon was destined to be a global brand, which is why its founders gave it a name that spoke to both Eastern and Western sensibilities.

Little did they know at the time that the brand would quickly become one of the leading lights in premium audio, with a trademark sound that was both distinguished and powerful. Listeners around the world quickly fell head over heels.

The clarity of Denon's sound is the result of tireless research, insatiable imagination, and a truly progressive attitude. And let's not forget, a burning love of music.

Relentless sonic progress

Denon has become a byword for sound quality. Not only is the brand trusted, emulated, and revered around the world, its vivid and spacious soundstage has become the benchmark for premium audio.

And because Denon is so often first to develop new audio technologies, the brand has long established itself as an industry leader.

At facilities in Kawasaki and Shirakawa, Denon's engineers have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of perfect audio. We have a lot to thank them for.

Denon's products are the result of years of rigorous testing, but ultimately their exquisite tuning comes down to the ear of our expert Sound Masters. We like to think of it as a perfect fusion of science and art.

And you certainly don't learn to master sound overnight. It's taken over a century for Denon's auditory sword to become this razor sharp.

Denon sound for home theater

Surround sound is developing quicker than ever, and as always, Denon is leading the charge. The brand's AV amplifiers harness Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, Auro 3D, and use up to 13 channels to enable premium 3D sound. Movies never sounded so good.

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