Katy Perry wearing Denon PerL Pro earbuds
Your music tuned your way

Katy Perry & Denon

Your music tuned your way.

For Katy Perry, music and individuality are everything. At Denon, we know just how she feels. That’s why we’ve partnered with Katy to spread the word about what makes Denon PerL Pro’s truly personalized sound so special. Learn more about Katy’s journey with Denon PerL Pro and find out how you can experience music exactly as artists like Katy intended with sound perfectly tuned to you, powered by Masimo Adaptive Acoustic Technology™. 

You’ve never heard music like this

Redefining personalized sound

Katy Perry doesn’t listen like anyone else. Neither should you. Denon PerL Pro wireless earbuds use groundbreaking Masimo Adaptive Acoustic Technology™ to measure your ears and create an individualized listening profile that provides unparalleled depth, detail, and clarity—precisely tuned to your hearing. Active noise cancellation and a transparent social mode let you tune the world out or invite it in. Get lost in your music with larger-than-life Dirac Virtuo spatial audio.  

Phone with Denon app and Katy Perry's personal sound profile

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Sound you can see

Introducing your Aura

Denon PerL creates a unique listening profile just for you, visualized as your Aura. The shape of your Aura reflects your sensitivity to frequencies, from low to high. The more your Aura stretches, the more sensitive you are to those sounds. Curious about experiencing Aura in action? Follow Katy Perry’s journey in our exclusive video below.

Phone with Denon app and Katy Perry's personal sound profile
For every active lifestyle

All the ways Denon PerL Pro moves with you

Ivana Santacruz wearing a Denon PerL Pro earbuds

Ivana Santacruz

Let the music guide your movement. With Denon PerL’s ultra-secure fit and rich, immersive sound, you’ll never miss a beat.


Dorian Finney-Smith

Power through every workout with sweat and splash-resistant earbuds that fuel your motivation, rain or shine. Bring premium sound with you from practice drills to post-game recovery.

Dorian Finney-Smith wearing Denon PerL Pro Earbuds
Aori Nishimura wearing Denon PerL Pro earbuds

Aori Nishimura

Denon PerL’s long-wearing comfort and active noise cancellation let you tune out the noise, dial in your focus, and crush every trick with precision.

A Denon PerL Pro ear bud

Why Denon?

For more than a century, we've crafted cutting-edge audio products that deliver the ultimate detail. Our Japanese heritage inspires us, and each product is hand-tuned by our sound master. Prepare to hear sound differently.