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How the Best Headphones Create a Truly Immersive Music Listening Experience

Music can be a communal experience, but sometimes you just want to completely disappear into the audio soundscape without any distractions. There's nothing quite like putting on your favorite album and losing yourself in the music.

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In those moments, even sophisticated speakers may have trouble competing with the ambient noise of the environment around you, and it might be difficult to completely captivate your sonic sensibilities. To really immerse yourself and let go of the world around you, opt for headphones that keep out background noise and amplify the musical experience of your audio.

Finding the right type of headphone

Anyone who's tried listening to the intricacies of music with headphones can attest: not just any pair will provide high-quality audio. The Verge's Vlad Savov noted that users will have to sacrifice at least one of these three characteristics: fidelity, affordability or portability.

What features and technology should you look for in an ideal set of headphones? For the truest sound quality that aligns with your tastes, over-ear options are the way to go. They may lack the convenience and portability of earbuds, but they aren't designed with those features in mind. Though in-ear headphones have come a long way to provide a stellar listening experience, over-ear headphones still win at noise cancelling and audio technology.

Over-ear headphones come in two varieties: closed-back and open-back. Closed-back models are extremely popular among commuters and those listening in crowded public spaces, like an office. That's because closed-back shells prevent headphones from generating excessive exterior noise. The downside is that due to their closed design, it takes greater more to achieve the same audio quality as open-back headphones.

The best materials provide the best sound and feel

The materials your headphones are constructed from have a profound effect on their audio output. For instance, the Denon AH-D7200 reference headphone features self-damping walnut housings that eliminate external noise and vibrations while providing the warmth and vibrancy you so often crave.

The quality and material of the cables will determine how strong the signal transmission is from the music source straight to your ears. With its Japanese heritage, Denon products conform to exacting specifications and include 7N-purity copper cables to guarantee that audio signals retain the utmost fidelity.

If you plan to listen to music for an extended amount of time – say, by going through all four sides of the "White Album" – you don't want to neglect the comfort aspect. Low-quality materials in headphones often contribute listening fatigue and are make for a downright uncomfortable listening experience. Denon products, like the AH-D7200 feature ultra-soft sheepskin leather to provide maximum comfort for those long listens where you just want to get lost in the music.

Driver technology dictates sound quality

Perhaps the most important feature to consider when selecting a pair of headphones is the underlying driver technology. The AH-D7200 is designed around a cutting-edge, 50mm FreeEdge driver diaphragm with nano-fiber material that keeps distortion to an absolute bare minimum. Precise pistonic motion enables incredibly accurate sound at all times, ensuring you experience your favorite recordings exactly as the artist intended.

When it comes to sound quality, every detail matters. Denon's high-quality audio products are created with the best materials, technology and design specifications to produce incredible musical fidelity.

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