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Get Deeper Into the Game With the Denon Home Theater Sound Bar

The most distinct attraction of a great video game is the ability to enter an escapist realm separate from our day-to-day reality. In the latest titles for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and other major consoles, you can be anyone or anything: an elite soldier, an NBA superstar, a man of the Old West brought back into a world of gunfighting and thievery — you name it, there's a game for it.

Denon Staff

Sound and visuals combine to create the transporting effect of a great video game, but the former sometimes gets overlooked in terms of the equipment used to power it. For the times you aren’t wearing a headset, like playing through RPGs, you’ll get the most immersive experience through a sound bar. With sound bars made according to the peerless standards set by Denon — like the new DHT-S316 — you get all the sonic punch you need out of a low-profile, sleek product that fits right under your screen.

Quality across the entire sound spectrum

The Denon DHT-S316 provides high-quality sound reproduction in a package that's just 2” tall. Dolby DTS-powered dual mid-range drivers, detailed tweeters, and a wireless subwoofer combine to let you hear every detail in perfect clarity. The DHT-S316 uses complex algorithms to replicate the feeling of surround-sound, from the rattle of gunfire in the immediate foreground to the tiniest atmospheric details of sound design that truly bring you into a virtual world. Place the subwoofer anywhere you want for optimal low end, no matter the dimensions of your room.

On the other end of the spectrum, the DHT-S316 includes a groundbreaking Denon Dialogue Enhancer. Dialogue is crucial for video games with complex, intricately written storylines like the Red Dead Redemption, Fallout or Uncharted series. Every line is critical, and subtitles might be too distracting in a game requiring strict attention. Denon Dialogue Enhancer raises volume on the discourse while keeping sound effects and music volume as-is, making the speech more intelligible.

Optimal connectivity and compatibility

Not only are today's games more immersive than those of years past, they're often multimedia experiences as well. Connect this sound bar to your TV through a single HDMI port, or optical/digital input. Once you've plugged in using the included cable, your regular TV remote can assume full control of the DHT-S316 — it’s simple. Analog aficionados will be pleased to know that the 3.5mm AUX input allows you to pair any older device with the DHT-S316. And when you’re not playing or enjoying Netflix, stream your favorite soundtracks through Bluetooth connectivity.

When you feel like unplugging from the every-day to explore a new virtual world, you should use a sound bar that helps you get the most from your gameplay. Whether you’re the first to pre-order major game releases or into 2D indie games from the latest Kickstarter, the DHT-S316 offers you the best sound for your experience.

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