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Ultimate Audio Fidelity Is Not a Pipe Dream -
Here’s How to Achieve It

When it comes to the sound quality of their favorite music, audiophiles don't settle for "good enough." Whether their media of choice is vinyl, MP3 or a streaming platform, those who appreciate the intricacies of a musical soundscape and can pinpoint nuances that distinguish, say, an original 1966 pressing of "Revolver" from a recent repressing will always pursue high-fidelity recordings.

Denon Staff

Of course, achieving the best audio fidelity possible can be difficult without the right home theater sound system to lay a solid foundation. That being said, it's far from a pipe dream. Here's how you can achieve the ultimate audio fidelity.

Choose your equipment wisely

If you want the best audio fidelity possible, not just any AV receiver, amplifier or speaker will do. Every component in your home audio system will affect your soundscape, so selecting high-quality pieces is essential. As the saying goes, the devil is in the details.

For instance, you might be tempted to purchase a Class-D amplifier to get the most power out of a smaller package. Even sound engineers for live music venues have gravitated toward Class-D amplifiers due to their high efficiency and compact design.

However, not all Class-D hardware is created the same, and to really achieve the true depth and sound quality that audiophiles crave, you need to look beyond that classification. An amplifier featuring direct digital feedback amplifier (DDFA) technology is the ideal tool for the job. DDFA-backed amplifiers feature closed-loop systems, meaning their audio performance is not limited from a distortion-to-noise or signal-to-noise ratio perspective.

Closed-loop systems minimize the effect that other, sometimes uncontrollable, factors have on an amplifier's performance. The power supply, for instance, could create sonic interference that diminishes sound quality in an open-loop setup. That's not a concern when you're working with DDFA-enabled amplifier speakers because they close the loop.

Get the best wireless sound possible

Even avid fans of vinyl will listen to digital media from time to time. Not every album gets pressed onto a record, and some of the best music out there is prohibitively expensive to buy in its original LP format. Plus, it's just more convenient to launch Pandora or shuffle through a curated playlist, despite the audio issues associated with wireless playback.

That doesn't mean you need accept lower sound quality, though. High-quality amplifiers like Denon's PMA-50 feature CSR aptX Low Latency decoding that produces CD-quality sound while playing wireless audio. Audiophiles get the best of both worlds: the ease and convenience of today's digital platforms with the depth of sound provided by the yesterday's formats.

Achieving the best audio fidelity possible is attainable, and Denon's high-end AV receivers, amplifiers and other audio equipment make it possible. Visit to learn more.

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