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5 Reasons to Upgrade your AV Receiver

Audio technology marches on

Why do we even get into audio in the first place? It’s about the feeling you get when your favorite album hits a little bit differently or your friends' expressions when they hear one of their beloved songs on your setup. Your older AV receiver may do just fine, but many find compelling reasons to upgrade that can take your home audio experience one step further. Think true 3D audio, Dolby Atmos, and multi-room streaming technologies like HEOS® Built-in. While you can build your setup around an outdated receiver, you shouldn’t have to. Here are five good reasons to upgrade your AV receiver.

Audyssey calibration and Dirac Live

All AV receivers are not created equal, but there is a reliable way to make that audio setup sing like never before—no matter what room you’ve chosen. At Denon, we’ve integrated Audyssey room calibration technology into our AV receivers. Just plug in the supplied microphone and Audyssey will “listen” to your room and tailor the sound to match your space perfectly. 

Even more, if you’ve chosen our AVR-A1H, AVR-X4800H, and AVR-X3800H receivers, you can upgrade to Dirac Live. Essentially, Dirac Live enables users to optimize their sound systems and reduce unwanted room effects. It’s easy to use, with step-by-step guidance that allows for quick setup and personalization. Dirac Live takes your listening room or home theater one step further toward perfection.

Not only will both Audyssey and Dirac Live change the way you think about audio, but they’ll optimize how your setup sounds in your listening space.

8K video

Today’s TVs are technologically incredible. One hundred inches of screen space, 1 inch thick with flush-mounted brackets, and 8K video clearer than you ever thought possible. But how well does your current AV receiver support these modern video demands? If the answer is “what’s 8K?”, then it may be time to upgrade your AV receiver. And if you are already pretty familiar with modern video demands, you know that picture quality is king. But, you might not know that, until around 2014, technologies like HLG, HDR, Dolby Vision, and HDR10+ were absent from AV receivers. Thankfully, you can get a receiver today that can keep up with your new 8K TV and even upscale 4K content for you.

There’s a reason for the “V” in “AV receiver”. And optimizing your video experience with modern tech is another excellent reason to upgrade your AV receiver.

3D audio formats

The latest Denon receivers are built for audio experiences you haven’t had—yet. 

When you invest in 3D sound, you’re building an enveloping home theater with height speakers, Dolby ATMOS, DTS:X, and Auro 3D. Plus, if you’ve chosen an AVR-X4800H or higher-tier receiver, you’ll be able to experience IMAX Enhanced. Incredible sound-enhancing features are present in many of our AV receivers, making you feel not just as if you’re watching a film—but directing it.

Enhanced performance

Your home theater needs are varied and often demanding. We understand that better than most, and it’s why all our new receivers have additional inputs and power. Imagine an AV receiver with up to 15 individual channels, 150W of power, and 8+ HDMI inputs. And to make operation effortless, we’ve built an improved, updated graphical user interface (GUI), so you always know what settings you’re adjusting. At Denon, we don’t just keep up with the latest in audio performance—we set the standard. And if you find your audio needs have become more and more demanding as of late, then a Denon AV receiver is the perfect upgrade.

HEOS® Built-in

Many of our AV receivers have HEOS Built-in, a multi-room wireless streaming technology. It’s a latency-free way to connect different Denon Home wireless speakers together so you can enjoy high-fidelity audio in every room of your home. You’ll stream from the world’s leading music platforms like Spotify, Deezer, TIDAL, and Amazon Music HD with the added benefit of high-resolution audio. Voice control is also standard on many of our AV receivers, meaning you won’t have to physically manipulate a dial, screen, or button to skip a song. Can your AV receiver wirelessly play music throughout your home? If not, that’s a great reason to upgrade your receiver.

So, what lights your fire? Is it the latest multi-room tech and enveloping surround sound? Or are you more of a blistering performance with room calibration technology aficionado? If it’s any or all of the above, then upgrading your AV receiver is one epic way to nourish your home audio fascination.

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