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Mini System Buying Guide

Everything you need to know

What is a Mini System?

A Mini System incorporates source and amplification in a single, compact design that is perfect for small spaces. Mini Systems integrate a tuner, CD player, and wireless streaming capabilities, plus a phono input and digital inputs for TV connection. It pairs best with bookshelf or small tower speakers. 

What is the right Mini System for me?

Choose a Mini System if you are looking for big sound in a small living space at an affordable price. The right solution for you will be based on the features and your budget. 

Why should buy a Denon Mini System?

Buy a Denon Mini system because we’ve been pushing the boundaries of premium audio for over a century. We are a leader in Mini Systems, with options at different price points and features. In addition to a built-in tuner and CD player, if you want simple music streaming via Bluetooth, we have an option for you. Or if you’re looking for network streaming over WiFi and the ability to share content in other rooms, choose a Mini System with HEOS Built-in. Go with the brand that’s been at this for a long time and one that pays attention to each detail.