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CD Player Buying Guide

Everything you need to know

What can a modern CD Player do?

Modern CD players don’t just play CDs. They support many extended formats, including CDR/RW, MP3, and WMA, plus SACD, ALAC, FLAC, and DSD on some models. And with a USB input, high-resolution files can be played directly from a thumb drive. Some have advanced AL32 processing, DAC master clock synchronization, high-grade audio components, and are designed to minimize all vibration. They can play CDs, which many agree have the best audio quality. 

How does a CD Player connect to an amplifier or AV receiver?

A CD player will connect to an amplifier or AV receiver using a stereo L&R output in most cases. Some Denon CD players also have optical and coaxial outputs. 

How to choose a CD player?

Choose a CD player based on the audio file formats you’ll want to play, the equipment you already own, and the budget you have. Look at the spec sheet of each CD player you’re entertaining to see if there are features you know you would never use. Denon has different options with different features and price points to fit your needs.

Why should you buy a Denon CD player?

We’ve been in the premium audio game for over a century. In 1982, Denon gave birth to the first consumer-use CD player (DCD-2000), a groundbreaking “first” in audio history. If you explore our current CD players, you’ll find many unique Denon technologies, like AL32 processing and a vibration-suppressing disc drive design to ensure pristine audio playback.