The Denon DHT-T100 Speaker

Nis 23, 2014

"…We also had the DHT-T100 learn the standby command from the TV remote, meaning one press of it turned on both of the devices. Neat!"…."The bundled remote is definitely one of the best in its class"


"The DHT-T100 boasts a good degree of verticality to its output meaning audio sounds as though it is coming from the screen, rather than below it, and all the listening modes present a fairly bright dynamic that many will find engaging."…"We often find wide or surround DSP (Digital Signal Processing) to sound echo-y and unconvincing but Denon’s seems to be a cut above the pack here."



"The DHT-T100 certainly does a very good job with movies and TV in this configuration and it’s probably the best DSP we’ve heard in a speaker board product, to date. Judged against its peers, the Denon DHT-T100 is right up there amongst the best. It’s neat and tidy, well priced and capable of creating some genuinely impressive noise. Recommended."