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HEOS Buying Guide

Everything you need to know

What is HEOS?

HEOS is a proprietary wireless ecosystem that is built into many Denon products. It allows you to wirelessly stream music from many music services directly to your device. And you can group HEOS Built-in devices to wirelessly share content in multiple rooms. It can connect up to 64 zones while also maintaining audio fidelity and a lag-free listening environment. You can control it all with the HEOS app, available through the App store and Google Play. 

What products come with HEOS Built-in?

All of our Denon Home products come with HEOS® Built-in as well as many of our other AV receiver and hi-fi products. With Denon, an “H” in the model number is usually a good indicator of whether there is HEOS capability built-in, but as always, make sure you check the product description before you buy.

How can I use HEOS?

HEOS Built-in products give you the flexibility to wirelessly share music throughout your home. With HEOS, you can directly stream your favourite music services, so you can always find the perfect playlist or song. HEOS Built-in products can be grouped to share content between rooms. And with Denon Home, speakers can be wirelessly connected to create a stereo pair or can be wirelessly connected to a soundbar and subwoofer to create an entire 5.1 surround system, all controlled using the HEOS app. 

How is HEOS different from Apple Airplay and Amazon Alexa?

HEOS is a wireless technology that allows you to connect your Denon Home devices to each other for wireless, multi-room listening, home theatre surround sound, or both. It’s accessed and managed through the free HEOS app.

Apple AirPlay, on the other hand, is a proprietary technology that lets you share videos, photos, and even music from Apple devices to your Mac, Apple TV, speakers (including Denon Home wireless speakers), and other popular smart TVs.

Amazon Alexa is a voice AI (artificial intelligence) made to work on most smart speakers and help out with voice commands and internet searches from wherever there is an internet connection. If you have Amazon Alexa enabled and your Amazon account set up with our Denon Home wireless speakers, you can just say a command and the speaker will do the rest.

What music services work with HEOS?

With HEOS, you’ll be able to enjoy Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music HD, Pandora, TIDAL, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Sirius XM, Deezer, and more via Wi-Fi. And HEOS Built-in products allow for Airplay 2 and Bluetooth connection. If you love great sound, HEOS is for you.

What is multiroom streaming?

Multiroom streaming is the ability to share content in multiple rooms of your home. This means the music you are playing with your living room AV receiver can be shared with the Denon Home speaker in the bedroom. So with HEOS® Built-in, you’re able to orchestrate whatever vibe you’re feeling when you’re at home. That’s real control.

Is multiroom streaming easy to set up?

Multiroom streaming is easy to set up with the HEOS easy wireless setup assistant. Begin by setting up HEOS on your device (instructions at click this link), then group the HEOS Built-in devices to share content.

Does HEOS work with Surround Sound?

HEOS can be used to create a wireless 5.1 system with Denon Home. Use the HEOS app to connect your Denon Home Speakers in a surround sound format, then enjoy the immersive sound to your heart’s content. For example, you could pick up one of our 5.1 surround sound Denon Home Wireless bundles here. Then, use the soundbar as your centre, left, and right channels. Use your Subwoofer as your “.1” channel and your two Denon Home 150 speakers as your right rear and left rear surround channels. Easy surround sound, fewer wires.

Why should you buy Denon products with HEOS Built-in?

If you’re reading this, you already value great sound. So, why not go with an audio company like Denon that has been in the business of perfecting great sound for over a century? And with HEOS, that incredible audio can now be streamed and shared throughout your entire home.