Wireless Speakers

Spread music through your entire home with Denon Home wireless speakers.

Denon Wireless Speakers feature
Simple Setup Simple Setup
HEOS Built-In HEOS Built-In
Expandable Ecosystem Expandable Ecosystem
Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Streaming Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Streaming
Sound Master Tuned Sound Master Tuned
110+ Years of Innovation 110+ Years of Innovation
6 Products
6 Products
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    Compact Smart Speaker with HEOS® Built-in
    Compact Speaker with HEOS® Built-in
    Mid-size Smart Speaker with HEOS® Built-in
    Large Smart Speaker with HEOS® Built-in
    Smart Sound Bar with Dolby Atmos and HEOS® Built-in
    Subwoofer with HEOS® Built-in

    Denon Speakers

    Home theater & multi-room

    With HEOS® Built-in, you can pair multiple speakers together for complete 5.1 surround sound and pair speakers across the home for multi-room sound.

    Denon Sound Signature

    Tuned by the Denon Sound Master for clean, deep bass, and crystal-clear mid and high tones.

    Easy to set up & use

    Setup is a breeze and you can even control your speaker(s) using Voice Assistant.

    Wireless Speakers

    Powered by HEOS®

    Connect Everything

    Connect your Denon HEOS-enabled speakers, AV receivers, sound bars, and amplifiers

    The HEOS® App

    Use the free app to set up and control any Denon product with HEOS® Built-in.

    Voice Control

    Works with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri.

    Music Streaming

    From Spotify, Amazon Music HD, TuneIn, Deezer, TIDAL, and MoodMix where available.

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    Why Denon?

    For over a century, we've been crafting cutting-edge audio products that deliver on ultimate detail, inspired by our Japanese heritage, with each product hand-tuned by our sound master. Prepare to hear sound differently.