Superb Denon sound from beautiful new headphones brace helps consumers conquer the commute or cool off at home.

May 24, 2018

Denon®, one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-quality home entertainment products, is delighted to announce two new sets of supremely stylish, meticulously engineered headphones, in the form of its striking new AH-D5200 and AH-D1200 designs.

Contemporarily crafted from carefully selected real woods and metals and incorporating proprietary Denon technologies, the elegant new models draw on a 50-year legacy of class-leading headphone engineering to deliver exceptional sound either on the move or at home.

Producing the purest possible sound, one that is both detailed and accurate, the AH-D5200 headphones use the natural acoustic properties of their beautiful, high density zebrawood housing to help reduce unwanted resonances. 

Meanwhile, Japanese-made FreeEdge 50mm drivers are constructed from materials chosen for their high rigidity and low mass. These proprietary Denon designs cancel out unwanted distortion in the diaphragm and are mounted on vibration-reducing engineering resin baffles. The soft, compliant surround materials make it easier for the drivers to move in response to the music signal without flexing or distorting, again delivering the cleanest sound possible.

As a counterpoint to the organic style of the wood, a durable diecast-aluminium headband frames the housing of the Denon AH-D5200, providing long-lasting quality and a wonderfully ergonomic design. Its universal, lightweight fit allows for comfortable extended listening that is enhanced by high-quality, super-soft engineered leather capable of withstanding extensive use while retaining its aesthetic appeal.

Featuring both a striking brown, brass and white colourway, complementing the more traditional black finish, the AH-D1200 headphones are the perfect travel companion offering superior sound, anywhere you go. The contemporary design has been specifically tuned to deliver clear, detailed sound outdoors, making them ideal for the daily commute or even longer hauls. 

Matching the spectacular sound are durable materials - with bold monochrome aluminium hangers complementing the soft engineered leather. The latter covers engineered, 3D-shaped, memory foam earpads with minimal side pressure and lightweight materials that allows for extended listening in comfort. 

Convenience is also to the fore with a foldable design and carry pouch that make the AH-D1200 supremely portable and easy to store whatever your schedule. Meanwhile, you can make calls on any smartphone with the detachable built-in mic, while the three-button remote provides seamless volume and music control for complete control as you move through the day.