Simply better TV sound with Denon DHT-T100 TV Speaker Base - coming soon to SA!

Sep 16, 2013

Denon, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality HiFi systems, today introduced its new single unit TV Speaker Base: the DHT-T100, a product designed to answer an increasing problem. These days, TVs are becoming thinner and thinner. And although the visual quality is steadily enhancing, the thinness of the TV is affecting the audio performance – the sets just don’t have the solidity and depth required to produce natural deep bass. By drawing on expert knowledge and input from its HiFi business, the Denon DHT-T100 TV Speaker Base supplies that extra depth to ensure a full and satisfying sound that finally lives up to the modern TV’s visual standards. 

Denon drew on all its expertise to carefully design a speaker layout that fully lives up to the company’s heritage of premium audio playback. On the front panel, the TV Speaker Base has dual 2”x 5” oval shape drivers and dual ½” dome tweeters driven by a powerful digital amplifier. And to ensure massive and precise bass, Denon included two bass tubes in the back of the unit, adding up to the full range of high quality sound. 

Another key element is the digital signal processing, where Denon owns decades of experience in, to achieve best audio reproduction. Thanks to Dolby Digital Decoding and Virtual Surround Sound technology, home cinema lovers can even enjoy room-filling surround sound from just a single speaker unit. The DHT-T100 is also a music star thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity to mobile devices such as smartphones and computers (with Bluetooth A2DP capability). Denon engineers also included aptX which allows for CD-quality music playback through Bluetooth. 

For best acoustical performance, the TV Speaker Base features five sound modes to perfectly playback movie or music content, as well as a dedicated mode for crystal clear dialogues. A special Night Mode creates high fidelity sound late into the night without disturbing other family members. In addition, the advanced dynamic bass audio processing does all the work of a subwoofer to ensure a sleek, elegant appearance. The TV Speaker Base is engineered to hold up to 27 kg and fits perfectly under most TVs up to 50”, it is installed in minutes and can be operated with the existing TV remote controller. 

Elegantly styled, easy to setup and simple to use, the Denon DHT-T100 is the ideal strategy to ensure top-quality audio with the latest thin TVs. It will be available in stores from December onwards, accompanied by the Denon campaign ‘Give your TV back the sound it deserves’.