PMA1600NE – awarded Best Buy HiFi Choice badge and full 5 stars set verdict in all 4 categories.

Mar 21, 2017

"Is Denon PMA-1600N deserved to be called the best amplifier in its price category? I think that certainly is one of the most distinctive structures, well-equipped and offering high-quality sound. Denon is in the first row next to the amplification such as Hegel H-80 or SONNETEER Alabaster, and it is already a sufficient recommendation. This Japanese amplifier is efficient and absolutely will not have a problem with the modulation of many structures of the speaker units, even those with not very friendly characteristic impedance modulus or lower efficiency. PMA-1600N has an advantage over the competition because even that is able to receive the signal in the DSD format, thus becoming a thoroughly modern device, satisfying the needs of the music coming from the DSD. As if that were not enough, we also get a bonus nuanced, quite developed phono cooperating with both types of magnetic pads. If only because of the price and rich equipment, Denon is worth attention." - HiFi Choice, Poland

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