Denon AVR-X7200W(A) is a Top Pick & Purchase Recommendation!

Jan 23, 2017

Our top-of-the-line Denon receiver - the AVR-X7200W(A) has recently been awarded both a Top Pick and a Purchase Recommendation by different international media.

SOUND & VISION (Print & Online, US)

Top Pick of the Year



Best of Quotes:

"The AVR-X7200W is made for those who simply must have it all [...]."

"To call the Denon a top-of-the-line receiver with all the goodies would belabor the obvious. It's also a musically reliable amp with the best possible room correction - the kind that's suitable for most music and pretty much all movie and TV content."




SFT (Print, DE)

Sehr gut + Kauftipp (Very Good + Purchase Recommendation)

Best of Quotes:

"For those who strive for the best for their home cinema the Denon AVR-X7200WA is the dead right choice. Everything fits together here: the manufacturing, connectivity, software and the sound quality, of course."