Denon AVR-X2300W 5 STARS!

Jun 30, 2016


"Once up and running the X2300W sounds beautifully balanced. We use it in a variety of modes - 5.1, 7.1, stereo and Dolby Atmos 5.1.2 - and it never fails to impress. We start off with a Blu-ray of Pixar's 'Brave' and like what we hear. Voices are rendered beautifully. There's weight, natural warmth and articulation in the midrange that leaves most rivals sounding mechanical in comparison. This amplifier is great at subtleties. Low-level dynamic shifts are delivered with skill and without overstatement. It all helps to draw the viewer more into the action on the screen."

"As the film approaches its finale, the amp is happy to move up through the gears delivering a spacious soundfield packed with stable and precise movement of growls and screams. The bear fight is delivered with plenty of enthusiasm and no shortage of punch. This Denon can play loudly too, certainly enough to fill all but the largest of rooms."

"Where does that leave the X2300W? It's clearly better than its talented predecessor, and delivers the same fuss-free user experience. We're awaiting new models from the likes of Yamaha, Onkyo, Pioneer and Sony, but as things stand this is the finest (in its price range) AV amp you can buy right now."


"No revolution, but the AVR-X2300W didn't need to be. It's a superb sonic all-rounder and well-equipped with it"

RSP - R16,990

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