Denon AVR-X2200 AV Receiver is once again given a 5 Star rating and is the test winner

Oct 07, 2015


"After a few years of Sony domination at the top of the £500 AV receiver category, 2015 has delivered a shakeup between the market's leaders and followers."


"That option is the Denon AVR-X2200….an amp that is truly futureproofed and ready to Atmos when you are, and it's easy to see how it snagged the full five stars and a fully deserving test win."




"An exciting, detailed amp with stacks of functionality and future proofing"


"…this amp is as big on performance as it is on specs, proving that Denon is once again back on its A game."


"The midrange shows great insight, picking out plenty of fine detail…while delivering an engaging fluidity to dynamics that makes it as precise as it is articulate."


"In fact, it's a really well balanced presentation. Up top, the treble is refined, while the low end packs just enough rumble for the big action scenes."


"It appears Denon has spent some time on the X2200's musical ability…There's a much greater handling of rhythm and dynamically it's full of expression and fluidity. Vocals and instruments are free to show off different textures and personalities… "


"Denon has thrown everything at this receiver and with fantastic results. It's been quick to add in functionality that leaves no stone unturned in 2015."


"For £500, the Denon X2200 will deliver an exciting home cinema experience, while future-proofing your system as well. If that's not tempting, we don't know what is."