Seznamte se s novou vlajkovou lodí Deno - stereo duo.

zář 19, 2012

​The PMA-2020AE and DCD-2020AE are the latest models to be introduced to Denon's brand new range. Both sum up all of the engineers dedication and know-how within their beautifully shaped bodies.

The PMA-2020AE is a top of the range integrated amplifier that faithfully reproduces a wide range of music sources, from analogue record players to the most advanced sound sources from a PC. While the DCD-2020AE CD/SACD Player is the perfect match, delivering purity in design and performance.

As Denon is constantly working on reducing uneccessary energy consumption, all new products now feature an Auto Power Off function, proven by the new Denon eco-logo.

The PMA-2020AE and DCD-2020AE will be available in a premium silver colour finish from October onwards.