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Denon Home 350 - Unleash Your Inner Chef With the Perfect Soundtrack

Unleashing your inner chef with the perfect soundtrack is just a tap away with the Quick Select buttons of the Denon Home 350. Discover its ground-breaking sound and possibilities.

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With the Denon Home 350 unleashing your inner chef with the perfect soundtrack is now just a tap away with the Quick Select buttons. With more and more people now cooking from home and spending extra time in their kitchen as they prepare their meals, it's important to ensure that you have the right soundtrack to set the scene and get creative with your dish. Whether it's the swaying grooves of the Buena Vista Social Club or the soothing voice of Louis Theroux in his latest podcast, we've got you covered. Discover the possibilities of the ground-breaking, stylish Denon Home 350.

The showpiece of any room: the Denon Home 350

A stylish eye-catcher with superior sound: meet the Denon Home 350, the showpiece of the wireless Denon Home Series. Ease of use, outstanding audio quality, and a stylish design go hand in hand with these speakers. It's also easy to control this flagship model via the HEOS app, or you can select your favorite radio stations or music services with the Quick Select buttons.

Instantly access your favorite music

With its minimalist design and futuristic touch pad, the Denon Home 350 is a talking point in any room. This touch pad has buttons to play, pause and to adjust the volume, but the most important ones are the six Quick Select buttons. You can assign these to your favorite radio stations and music services.

This is done in a heartbeat. Start listening to your favorite radio station or music service. Then hold one of the six Quick Select buttons for three seconds. The LED of the Denon Hone 350 then flashes to let you know that the assignment was successful. Now, your favorite music is always just a push of a button away.

Seamlessly switch playing to the Denon Home 350

Spotify is an especially perfect service to assign one of the six Quick Select buttons to. Want to continue listening to your favorite drive-time Spotify playlist? Tap the Quick Select button when you get back in your home and continue where you left off. It couldn't be any easier or faster! There are even more clever functions on the touch panel. Find out more here.

Easily switch between Quick Select buttons

The nice thing about the Quick Select buttons is that they pause playback automatically when you press another one. Have you heard enough of your favorite podcast on Spotify while cooking and want to listen to your favorite radio station instead? Press the Quick Select button assigned to the radio station and the Denon Home 350 will switch instantly. Playback of your podcast will also pause automatically, so you can resume listening from that point on the next time.

Amazing sound for the whole home

The Denon Home 350 is the flagship of the phenomenal Denon Home speaker range, both in terms of design and sound experience. In this powerful device, the six speakers are perfectly attuned to each other. This way, you can hear every detail of your favorite music and feel free to turn up the volume to hear both low and high sounds perfectly. Ideal for a party, but also for a relaxing afternoon on your own. The Denon Home 350 delivers the perfect sound in every setting.

Songs to unleash your inner chef

Check out our playlist covering a selection of songs to cook to and unleash your inner chef while you're getting creative in the kitchen.

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Denon Home 350

Big and Breathtaking

If your care about great sound. This is it. Experience the superior performance of the flagship speaker of the series.


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