AVR-X8500H HDMI 8K Receiver Upgrade | Denon™

The AVC-X8500H delivers the most cutting-edge home theatre technology to-date. To build on its robust capabilities, you can now upgrade to the latest HDMI specification to experience superior picture quality, enhanced gaming options and other convenient features to match the uncompromising audio performance.

The upgrade - requiring hardware modification at an authorized Denon Service Center – will enable you to enjoy the following benefits of that adhere to the latest HDMI specifications. Please contact your local Denon retailer for more details.

Auto Low Latency Mode

The ideal latency setting allows for smooth, lag-free, and uninterrupted viewing and interactivity.

Quick Frame Transport

Reduce latency for smoother no-lag gaming, and real-time interactive virtual reality.

Quick Media Switching

Say goodbye to blank screens so you can game more and wait less.

8K upscaling

Upscale 1080P or 4K content to 8K to work best with your 8K TV

Variable Refresh Rate

Reduces tearing and lag and improves gaming clarity.

Important Notice:

After the upgrade, your AVR will default back to factory status and the current settings stored on your AVR will be lost. It is necessary to setup and configure your AVR from the beginning. Once upgraded, the unit cannot revert back to its original hardware state. Original term of warranty will continue after this upgrade (will not be extended).


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