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3 Tips for Achieving the Clearest Turntable Sound

Serious audiophiles know that vinyl provides a depth of sound that's just not possible with other mediums. Getting high-quality audio out of your turntable isn't as simple as flipping a switch, though. You need to have just the right configurations to enjoy the best audio experience possible.

Denon Staff

To help you achieve the clearest turntable sound, consider these three tips:

1. Re-position your Denon turntable

With any audio system setup, position is key — but this is even more important when working with a device as delicate as a turntable. Vibrations around your home or even outside can impact sound quality. In worst-case scenarios, your music will be buried in feedback.

You want to minimize intrusive vibrations, meaning your turntable should ideally be placed as far away as possible from anything that might affect it. That includes television sets, wooden floorboards and even your speakers. A dedicated wall shelf is your best bet, but you can place your turntable on the floor if it's solid concrete.

2. Configure your Denon turntable

You may need to make some adjustments to your turntable to ensure you get the best sound quality possible. Check that the cartridge is aligned to the right angle. Even a slight deviation can have a profound impact on the output of your turntable, so aim to get the stylus in a position that will provide the best coverage across the surface area of a record. Alignment protractors can be helpful tools here to properly measure the cartridge and stylus angles.

Perfection may not be possible, so don't pull your hair out trying to get just the right angle.

3. Get the right equipment

Not all audio equipment is suitable to work with vinyl turntables. If your speakers, headphones, and other accessories don't support RIAA equalization, for instance, you won't be able to achieve the warm, smooth sound we associate with vinyl records.

Take a look at your turntable manufacturer's other product lines to find compatible speakers that will work best with vinyl and provide the best sound possible.

Denon has a full range of vinyl turntables, cartridges, and speakers needed to achieve the perfect analog soundscape.