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Wireless Earbuds Buying Guide

Everything you need to know

What are wireless earbuds?

Wireless earbuds are like original earphones that came with the first portable CD players and MP3 players—except they don’t have any wires. They’re normally small, like the size of your pinky, and they have their own carrying case that acts as a charger. Charge up the carrying case every once in a while, and you’ll have hours of uninterrupted listening time.

Are earbuds or over-ear headphones better?

This depends on your preference—based on comfort, style, and use case. If you are looking for headphones that you can wear while you are working out or on the go, you may want to consider earbuds. They are small and unobtrusive, more portable, and water resistant. But some people do not like the way they feel in the ear. In that case, over-ear headphones may work better for you. They are larger and not always water resistant, but wireless over-ear headphones tend to have much longer battery life per charge than wireless earbuds. They are perfect to use for work—either at home or at the office—or while sitting at your favorite cafe.

What is True Wireless?

True wireless earbuds have no wires between the buds or your mobile device. They connect to your mobile device using Bluetooth and typically come with a charging case for storage and battery charging. Made by Denon, these earbuds are perfect for your commute, workout, or any time you are on the go. Simply charge the earbuds using the charging case, put them in your ears, and listen to whatever content you like. They are a great way to hear that amazing Denon sound without all of the wires.

Why would I buy True Wireless earbuds?

True wireless earbuds are small in size, but big in sound. They can go with you wherever your day takes you. And when you’re not using them, simply put them back in the case so they can be charged and ready the next time you need them.

Which Denon wireless earbuds are True Wireless? 

Both of our current Denon wireless earbuds are true wireless. One is noise-canceling and the other is less expensive and not noise-canceling. They have both been tuned by our sound master to deliver signature Denon sound.

What is Active Noise Cancelling and why do I want it?

Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) reduces unwanted background noise. Microphones on the outside and inside of the earbuds measure the noise reaching the ear, then send the measurements to an algorithm that immediately creates an opposite signal to cancel the noise. All this means you can tune out unwanted outside noise and enjoy your favorite music to the fullest—without interruptions. It helps tune out the world around you so you can focus on work or your favorite album. It makes travel by plane less stressful, so you can arrive at your destination feeling ready to go. Our lives are so noisy these days that it is great to have a tool that lets us block out the noise and focus on what we want to hear.  

Do wireless earbuds sound as good as wired earbuds?

There are some wired earbuds that are built specifically for audiophiles in that they have the best materials, most drivers, and have the best response. These wired, Hi-fi earbuds are usually more expensive than other wired earbuds, and they can cost as much as premium, wireless earbuds! At this point, most wireless earbuds sound as good if not better than premium, wired earbuds, so price is your friend here. Deciding between $100 and $250 wireless earbuds? The more expensive version will probably have better bass, fidelity, and sound quality. $200 wireless earbuds vs $200 wired earbuds? The wired versions will probably sound better as the manufacturer doesn’t have to build the price of the noise-canceling and wireless technology into the cost. Not to mention there’s more space in the wired earbuds for larger drivers with a greater dynamic range.

What wireless earbuds are best?

The best wireless earbuds for you are the ones that sound great, fit comfortably in your ears, and have enough battery life so you can listen when you want. We would suggest that the best sound comes from brands who have over a century of experience making audio products like Denon does, but you should have a listen and decide for yourself.

Why should you buy Denon wireless earbuds?

Buy Denon wireless earbuds because they sound great, are comfortable, feel stable in your ears, have good battery life, and are water resistant. Choose the noise-canceling model if you want to be able to block out the world and focus. Keep using Denon wireless earbuds because once you try them, you won’t want to try anything else.