HEOS 1, HEOS 5 a HEOS 7 vyhráli doporučení od Pocket-Lint

srp 20, 2015


If you're in the market for an accomplished multiroom audio system that supports the vast majority of current streaming services, is easy to set-up and sounds great, the Denon Heos system could certainly be for you.

The £500 the Heos 7 is a beautiful one-box solution in its own right. Combine that with the flexibility of battery power in the Heos 1 (with Go Pack) and the impressive selection of compatible products capable of transforming your existing stereo into a multiroom zone and few current systems can match it.

With LG, Samsung, Sonos and Denon all coming in with systems at round the same price making a purchase decision won't be easy. But given the Heos is more adventurous than the Sonos in almost every department if you can cope with the less-than-practical teardrop design then you won't be disappointed. HEOS 5.

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