Denon upgrade svůj Cocoon, bezdrátový hudební systém s jedinečnou výbavou funkcí

kvě 25, 2013

Denon is offering current and future owners of a Cocoon Home or Cocoon Portable Wireless Music System an extensive feature upgrade. The firmware upgrade is available for free to owners of a Cocoon Home or Cocoon Portable through the built-in update assistant. A step by step YouTube video shows how to upgrade the Wireless Music Systems in no time: Watch the video.

​To further improve the UX of the Cocoons, the start-up time of the devices has been dramatically reduced providing an instant listening experience. This is made possible through a new low-power stand-by mode that serves the quick-on function AND the environmental care at the same time. Furthermore, we improved the overall usability by a faster response and more intuitive use. Thanks to the unique NetLink feature, the Cocoon hooks up to a WiFi home network most conveniently. You just need to dock their iPhone, press the NetLink button, tap “Allow”, and the iDevice automatically copies all necessary settings and security keys into the Cocoon. Done.

As the Internet Radio feature is heavily used by Cocoon owners, the iOS/Android App is also updated accordingly to offer a most convenient operation. Users can easily tab the “Internet Radio” button on the App and browse through thousands of free internet radio stations across the globe. Three of them can be stored on the Cocoon itself. This allows you to always enjoy their favourite radio station even when there is no smart phone around.