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Denon Partners with sheWrites Songwriting Camp

What began as a mission to unite the best and most promising female songwriters, producers, and artists worldwide has become a global movement. It’s called sheWrites, and we’re honored to be a co-sponsor with YouTube Music®, in partnership with Kobalt.

Why sheWrites?

Recent gender reports on the music industry showed that the number of female producers has dropped since 2019, and that the top 10 male writers last year earned 70% more than the top 10 female writers.

“...up to 75% of UK major label signings are men, many of whom have often never worked with female writers, let alone female producers,” said co-founder Violet Skies. It’s a surprising set of statistics, and it’s something that needs attention. 

Partnering with sheWrites

Denon is proud to partner with sheWrites to host this incredible writing camp and to help support female artists and producers in the music industry. We're honored to have played a part in enhancing the experience for the artists by providing them with audio equipment such as the AH-D5200 headphones, Denon DP-450 turntable, PMA-900HNE amplifier, Denon Home 250 wireless speakers, and more. These products allowed the artists to experience their music on high-fidelity equipment, providing a level of detail and clarity that's essential in the creative process.

As Violet Skies, co-founder and songwriter of sheWrites, explained, "Denon have been the most natural and seamless partner, providing us with high-quality products we were able to use at all steps of the writing process. They made our camp possible and made it sound incredible - really just the perfect partnership!"

Charlie McClean, Grammy-nominated producer and co-founder of sheWrites, added, "We've been so thrilled to partner with Denon to host this writing camp - their enthusiasm and excitement for supporting the project was amazing, and the support we were given through their products really elevated our experience."

Denon’s commitment

sheWrites camps have connected hundreds of creators around the world. From Seoul to Stockholm, Los Angeles to Nashville, these camps have generated major label cuts. 

Denon is proud to have been a part of sheWrites' mission to empower female artists and promote gender equity in the music industry. Denon will continue to support initiatives aimed at creating a more diverse and inclusive music industry.

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