How to operate a Denon Home Wireless Speaker without your smartphone

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One of the many great achievements of today’s wireless speakers is the huge variety of music sources available, from thousands of Internet Radio stations to a well-curated Spotify playlist featuring rock, pop, classic, or any other of your favourite genres. The natural downside of this is that you rely on your smartphone to open an app which can play back your music.


Music at your fingertips

The new Denon Home speakers now come with multiple options that will enable you to play , pause or skip your music directly with the speaker. The proximity sensing high-end interface on the top panel of every model is activated as soon as your hand approaches. The capacitive buttons light up for you to touch, allowing for full, seamless control of the Denon Home speakers.


Quick Select your Favourite Sources

With the quick select buttons you can easily store your favourite Internet radio stations, music service radio stations, or an input for instant playback when you come home, without picking up your smartphone. To register your quick select buttons , you just need to start playing the station or input once in the HEOS app, then press and hold down one of the quick select buttons on the Denon Home speakers top panel for 3 seconds. When the status LED blinks once, the source is assigned to the button – done. With the Denon Home 150 and 250, there are three Quick Select buttons, while the Denon Home 350 has six, so everyone in the family can have their own favourite music source at their fingertips.




NEW! Skip or Start Over Tracks with Double or Triple Tap

All Denon Home speakers feature a sophisticated Play/Pause button. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. When you are listening to music and tap it once, it pauses the current track. On double tap, you can skip to the next song. Tapping three times skips to the previous track or beginning of the current track. Try it for yourself!!


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