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What’s the purpose of a decent AV Receiver and surround speaker setup? To bring the real cinema feeling to your home, with all the bottom-shaking bass, effects flying around you, and pulling you right into the action as if you were there. Here are three outstanding movie scenes that will test your setup to the extreme. Or reveal if it is time to upgrade.


Ready Player One

Play it in DOLBY ATMOS

The first race in the movie, starts at 0:11:50, length: 4:40

This is a visual spectaculum and a very effectful demo of surround sound atmosphere at the same time, as so many things are happening in this scene. The different cars in the race, the brakes, the localization of the various effects is presented in great detail. There are a lot of object-related sounds like the coins coming from above you which the racers pick up during the race, or the jumps between the layers of the bridge. Finally, the end of the scene where Kong appears makes heavy use of the height channels.


Bohemian Rhapsody

Play it in DOLBY ATMOS from UHD Blu-ray // if you have a supported Denon AV Receiver, play DTS-HD Master Audio track from Blu-ray with AUROMATIC upmixer

Queen performing at Wembley Stadion. Starts at 1:54:37, length: 07:05

Starting with the deep dive into the Wembley Stadion with the crowd completely immersing you, Bohemian Rhapsody really transports the emotions in the music perfectly with Freddy’s vocals and the bass drums (excellent test for the subwoofer being in sync with picture) so that goose bumps are guaranteed. Radio Gaga and the following interaction of Freddy Mercury with the audience is so intense because of the sound atmosphere of this soundtrack. The Auromatic on the Blu-ray is able to generate this amazing atmosphere in the same way as the Dolby Atmos track is doing.



A Star is Born

Play it in DOLBY ATMOS

Beginning of the movie. Start in chapter 1, length: 05:02

This scene is full of opposites in sound atmosphere and the Dolby Atmos track is delivering that in all detail. The opening concert with the crying guitar and the pumping bass drum shows no mercy. Your room is full of energy. The audience adds to the loudness of the whole scene. The following scene is a hard cut to an oppressive atmosphere in the car. As if you were sitting next to Bradley Cooper. Next is Lady Gaga talking and screaming in the reverberant toilet of the restaurant she is working in, followed by her walking through the kitchen. All the details of the dishes as well as the voices provide a very realistic impression of the scene. Outside, Lady Gaga sings “Somewhere over the Rainbow” and thanks to Dolby Atmos, you can clearly hear how the sound is changing to coming from above as well as she steps into the underpass.



Don’t have a home cinema yet? At first, start asking yourself if a soundbar or AV Receiver is right for you. If you are already considering a full-blown surround and 3D audio setup, wait no longer and visit your local specialist retailer for a demo of the above tracks on a Denon AVC-X6500H for example.


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