Premium over-ear headphones with magnificent sound, elegant Bamboo wood housing, luxurious engineered leather, memory foam earpads and a 50-year legacy of headphone excellence.

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Bamboo Over-Ear Premium Headphones


A headphone worthy of the Flagship class, the AH-D9200 lives up to the Denon distinction of crafting award-winning premium headphones. Proprietary 50mm FreeEdge drivers built with a nanofiber diaphragm greatly reduce unwanted resonances to provide detailed, accurate sound, and the Neodymium magnet measured at over 1 Tesla keeps the signal clean and virtually distortion-free. Soft, luxurious engineered leather and over-ear memory foam earpads provide long-wear comfort for extended use, while elegant one-of-a-kind Japanese Bamboo wood housing greatly reduces unwanted resonances and offers rich, warm tones. The included luxury case is ideal for storage — keep your AH-D9200 headphones, detachable 3.0m cable with silver-plated 6.3mm plug and 1.3m audio cable fully protected and element-free.

  • Patented 50mm FreeEdge Nanofiber driver with over 1 Tesla Neodymium magnet delivers high-resolution audio with incredible precision and minimal distortion
  • Distinguished Japanese Bamboo wood Earcup with distinct wood grain pattern offers inherent acoustic properties that provide enhanced sound dampening for more accurate sound reproduction
  • Soft, engineered Japanese leather over ergonomic memory foam earpads provides maximum comfort for extended listening and durability
  • Aluminum diecast hanger with genuine leather headband for durable, quality craftsmanship for years of enjoyment
  • 3.0m silver coated OFC (oxygen-free copper) cable with 6.3mm plug features highest quality cable connection for Hi-Fi listening experiences
  • 1.3m audio cable with 3.5mm plug lets you enjoy your headphones with portable music players over a pure audio signal
  • Luxury hard storage case and cleaning cloth keeps your AH-D9200 safe and in pristine condition
  • Engineered with a more than 100-year Denon legacy in audio excellence — high quality and durable headphones deliver the ultimate audio experience

    Sound that defies expectations. The patented 50mm FreeEdge Nanofiber drivers cancel out unwanted resonances and distortion in the diaphragm for the most accurate sound reproduction possible. Natural acoustic properties of the Japanese Bamboo wood housing aid in sound dampening to bring warmth and life to your music.


    Chosen for its unique vibration dampening properties, Japanese Bamboo wood reduces unwanted resonances and produces natural, detailed sound that rivals a concert hall. Because of the distinct wood pattern, no two pairs of AH-D9200 headphones are alike. Hand-crafted in Japan, at the Denon Shirakawa Audio Works facility known for its quality craftsmanship, artisans and engineers take special care in procuring the finest materials for products.


    Made of a rare-earth element, the Neodymium magnet is fashioned from an alloy of Neodymium, Iron and Boron. Because of its strength, the magnet drives the diaphragm with lower distortion, vastly reducing vibration while occupying a relatively small footprint in the housing.

Ergonomic Comfort

Ergonomic design for long-wear. The AH-D9200 is shaped to offer a universal fit and light enough to wear comfortably for an extended duration. With minimal side pressure, an engineered soft leather ear pad and 3D shaped memory foam, listen comfortably for as long as you’d like.

Premium Craftsmanship

Drawing from a legacy of over 100 years of audio excellence and more than 50 years of headphone engineering and design, the AH-D9200 Flagship headphone features superb craftsmanship with an authentic Japanese Bamboo wood housing. Soft, engineered and genuine leather materials complement the organic style of the wood, providing artisanal design to match audiophile sound.



Durable Materials

Preserve refined sound with strong materials. A durable diecast-aluminum hanger frames the housing of the Denon AH-D9200, providing long-lasting quality and axis flexibility. Plush, genuine leather headband withstands extensive use and retains its aesthetic appeal. The detachable cables and luxury case for storage ensure the AH-D9200 headphones provide superior sound and comfort for years to come.

Patented 50mm Free-Edge Nanofibre Drivers

The AH-D9200 headphones feature unique, Japanese-made FreeEdge 50mm drivers. Built from materials chosen for rigidity and low mass, the unique FreeEdge drivers cancel out unwanted resonances in the diaphragm to provide detailed, accurate sound. The drivers are mounted on vibration-reducing engineered resin baffles. These soft, compliant surround materials make it easier for the drivers to move in response to the music signal without flexing or distorting, for the purest possible sound.





High-quality Cables for Seamless Listening

The AH-D9200 comes with two high-grade audio cables for listening on multiple systems. Both detachable cables have undergone extensive testing in the Denon Shirakawa facility to ensure the highest quality for audio and the longest life. Use the finely crafted silver-coated 3.0m cable with 6.3mm plug for your HiFi system, or 1.3m OFC cable with 3.5mm plug for your portable digital audio player. The natural electric conductivity of silver creates a pure signal transfer and helps balance sound in high-frequency audio — listen with impeccable accuracy and quality.

100+ Years of Firsts in Audio Technology

Founded in 1910, Denon has a deep heritage of "firsts" in audio technology — from Japan's first audio electronics manufacturer, to producing the world's first commercial CDs. This focused investment in audio R&D ensures you get the latest technology and highest quality with every listening experience.




  • Product manageul Yoshi Fukishima San a facut o treaba excelenta. Acuratete castilor AH-D9200 este cu adevarat minunata. Inalte clare si medii puternice. Nimic nu este exagerat, basul atnige profunzimi abisale ale sunetului si totusi ramane nealterat de distorsiuni. Fara indoiala sunt cele mai bune casti Denon pe care le-am ascultat vreodata. Si isi merita fiecare euro!
  • Denon se autodepaseste cu AH-D9200. Chiar daca AH-D7200 ne-au incantat deja testerii, modelul superior merge si mai departe. Sunetul este mai extins, mai transparent si mai echilibrat. Prin urmare, castile Denon de 1600 EUR intrunesc criteriile de a fi incadrate in clasa de referinta. Si noi aici le vedem.
  • Daca esti captivat de magia muzicii si iti place sa o asculti la casti, atunci raspunsul este da – AH-D9200 merita diferenta de pret fata de AH-D5200. Intr-adevar Denon AH-D9200 este un balsam pentru suflet.
  • Cand asculti Denon AH-D9200 […] simti ca se creeaza o simbioza speciala intre casti si muzica, sentiment ce nu se diminueaza chiar si dupa sesiuni lungi de auditii cu genuri diferite de muzica.
  • TEST: Denon AH-D9200 ★★★★★
    „Fara indoiala – cele mai bune casti Denon de pana acum.”
  • "For me, the Denon D9200 currently represents the absolute reference in terms of high-end fun listening. An amazing product!"
  • Denon AH-D9200 este pentru cei ce iubesc muzica și buna dispoziție, au timp și își permit să se bucure hobby-ul lor. Aceste căști te invită sa asculți muzica preferată în timp ce te destinzi în confortul casei.
    […] în comparație cu ce înseamnă să obții același sunet de la o pereche de boxe, par chiar accesibile.
  • Calitatea sunetului se ridica la nivelul celui reprodus de modele mult mai scumpe. Si cand avem si un design fantastic, pe constructie de calitate in care sunt folosite materiale durabile, putem spune in jargon audiofil ca “l-am prins pe Dumnezeu de picior”. Ce ne-am putea dori mai mult?
  • Cu AH-D9200, Denon completează seria de căști de top realizate din lemn, în acest caz cupele sunt din bambus prelucrat manual în Japonia.
  • "Third best hi-fi headphones"
  • "The DENON AH-D9200 appears very mature in its tuning, almost a little bit monitor-like. It plays musically correct and does not exaggerate. He doesn't have to, because he doesn't have to hide any weaknesses. Attributes such as balanced, playful and direct describe the AH-D9200 accurately and also include the lower registers of the musical events. For 1,599 euros, the buyer receives an audiophile, honest headphone for all occasions. At the highest level."


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