Premium 11.2-kanaals AV-Surroundreceiver met monolitisch versterkerdesign, ingebouwde ondersteuning voor alle 3D-audioformaten, en ongeëvenaarde afspeelopties dankzij onze HEOS-technologie en Apple Airplay 2.

Specificaties - AVR-X6400H




De AVR-X6400H wint AV Tech Media Awards voor beste AV-receiver!
'Denon’s 11-channel receiver is a feature-rich, one box solution to running a full 7.1.4 home cinema, even adding Auro3D format support to the expected Dolby Atmos/DTS:X roster. Sound performance, polished via Audyssey’s top-line MultEQ XT32 calibration system, exhibits power, speed, detail and nuance, and although the AVR-X6400H’s extensive connectivity (including three 4K HDR-capable HDMI outputs and eight inputs) caters for complex setups, day-to-day operation is fuss-free. Integration with HEOS hardware opens up multiroom possibilities. It’s a class act.'

Homecinema Magazine heeft de AVR-X6400H beoordeeld met een 9.0! 'Al met al heeft de Denon duidelijk merkbaar de touwtjes in handen, voldoende vermogen en genoeg rekenkracht om een chaotische film als deze strak weer te geven. De receiver heeft voldoende ademruimte om dynamisch en zuiver te zijn, zelfs wanneer we het volume flink opendraaien. Ook dan blijft de audioweergave dynamisch en intact.'

Whathifi geeft de AVR-X6400H een vijfsterrenbeoordeling!
'But extensive features aside, what really impresses us is how articulate, rhythmically precise and musical this AV-receiver sounds. It’s punchy enough and fully exciting, but we love how it gives importance to the subtler aspects of sound quality.'

'A terrific performer, this Denon AVR-X6400H would be a worthy addition to virtually anyone's home cinema room.'

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Home Cinema Choice verkiest de AVR-X6400H als Best Buy!
'Deadpool’ (Blu-ray)…“The AVR-X6400H steps up to the plate with the big, all action opening sequence, complete with immaculate slow-mo car crashes and our hero’s to-camera quips. The gunshots, blades, crashes, ricochet bullets and general mayhem are exquisite, backed by LFE effects with a very tight and forceful, if not seismic, punch.'

'…the sound is super dramatic and filled with well-placed effects. Bass thunders along from my twin-sub setup but never drowns or overbears the details.'

AVR-X6400H krijgt de Best-Buy Award van Home Cinema Choice!
'Denon’s latest offers unrivalled features and Auro-3D out of the box, and delivers immersive, hyper-realistic sound. A cracker.'

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