How to reach us?


May I change my order?
Do the prices on the website include VAT?
May I place an order by phone?
Have I reserved an item by placing it in my shopping basket?
No, the availability of an item is only guaranteed once you have completed the payment process and received an order confirmation.
How can I find out the status of my order?
You will be informed of the status of your order by e-mail. You will receive an order confirmation immediately after placing your order. Once your order has been submitted to the parcel delivery service, you will receive a shipping confirmation that includes a Track & Trace code that allows you to track your order. If, despite the e-mails, you are still unclear about the status of your order, please contact the Denon webshop customer service.
I made a mistake when entering my personal details. What should I do?
Please contact the Denon webshop customer service as soon as possible.
Can I cancel my order?
In some cases, you may cancel your order before it has been shipped. Please contact the Denon webshop customer service as soon as possible. If your order has already been shipped, you may return it within 30 days of receiving it.


How long will my order take to arrive?
The delivery time of each product is stated in the webshop. Orders placed before 9 p.m. on working days will be shipped the same day. You will receive an order confirmation when we have received your order. Once your parcel has left the warehouse, you will receive an e-mail with a Track & Trace code so that you can track the shipment directly online.
How will my order be shipped?
Your order from the Denon webshop will be delivered by parcel post. Once your order has been submitted to the carrier, you will receive a shipping confirmation that includes a Track & Trace code that allows you to track your order.
What will happen to my order if I am unable to receive the parcel?
The courier will leave you a message indicating what the follow-up action is. Generally, the  delivery of the parcel will be attempted again the following day, or you may receive a message saying that the parcel can be collected at the nearest pick-up point. You may collect it there within two weeks. After that, the parcel will be returned to us.


What should I do if my payment is unsuccessful?
Please check the details you have entered and try again. If your payment is still unsuccessful, we advise you to contact your bank or credit card company.
How can I be sure that my payment was successful?
After you complete the payment process, you will be sent back to the Denon webshop, where you will see a page informing you whether or not the payment was successful. You will also receive an e-mail confirming your order and payment.
Are there extra charges for the different payment methods?
If a certain payment method is subject to additional charges, these will be shown in the shopping basket under the payment method concerned.

Returns & exchanges

I wish to return my product. How does that work?
A return may be registered within the return form. Once Denon has approved the return, you will receive a return form and shipping label by e-mail. When we receive the return, we will check it and the payment will be credited within 14 days.
What are the conditions for returning a product?
  1. The product must be returned together with all its accompanying accessories.
  2. The product must be in new condition, which means that it must be possible to sell it again as a new product. Slight traces of use are permitted, but scratches and obvious damage are not.
  3. The product must be returned in its original box and cushion packaging to prevent product damage during transport.
  4. Any transport damage or obvious traces of use upon Denon's receipt of the return will be documented immediately. The damage will be assessed by Denon in accordance with Denon's guidelines. This assessment will be decisive.
How long do I have to return my purchase?
You have 30 days from the receipt of your order to withdraw from your purchase. After your return notification, you have another 30 days to return the products.
When and how do I get my money back for the return?
As soon as our warehouse receives the returned items, a confirmation of your return will be sent to the e-mail address we have for you. Within 14 days of receipt, we will refund you the full purchase price of the returned items using the same payment method that you selected for your order. For example, if you paid by credit card, the amount will be refunded to your credit card account.
What should I do if I receive the wrong item or a damaged item?
If the shipment delivered to you is not complete or correct, please contact the Denon webshop customer service. You can talk to customer service to decide how we can best resolve the issue for you as quickly and effectively as possible.
May I also leave the order I wish to return with a Denon dealer?
No, this is not possible. Returns must be reported to the webshop and must be returned using the return label supplied by Denon.
Are there any charges for returning an item?
Once you have registered a return, Denon will send you a UPS return label that you can use to return your parcel free of charge.

Repairs & warranty

How long is the warranty period for my purchase?
Denon manufactures high-quality products. In the unlikely event that your Denon product does show a malfunction, please contact the Denon webshop. Denon products are covered by a 24-month manufacturer's warranty. During this warranty period, you will be exempt from any costs for the repair of your Denon product. This excludes claims other than repair costs. However, if it becomes clear that the product failed due to improper use, external circumstances or unauthorised modifications (of both hardware and software), the repair costs will not be covered by the supplier's warranty. The warranty period starts on the product's first date of sale. Proof of purchase must be provided and enclosed with the defective product. You are advised to return your faulty product to the indicated address in its original box and cushion packaging.
My product is faulty. What should I do?
You can use the return form to register purchases from the Denon webshop to be repaired within the warranty period. You will receive a shipping label which you can use to return the product. After repair, the appliance will be returned to the address provided.
How long will it take to repair my product?
We aim to repair your product within 14 days, but this is subject to the availability of any spare parts required for the repair. We will keep you informed of the status of your repair by e-mail. You will receive an e-mail with a Track & Trace code once we have shipped the product back to you.
My product is faulty and the warranty period has expired. What happens now?
Please contact the Denon webshop customer service in the event of any faulty products with an expired Denon warranty. 
May I also register a product that I bought from a Denon dealer with the Denon webshop for repair or with one of our service partners as mentioned on the Denon website?
The dealer that sold you the product is your point of contact for warranty/repair requests. Denon products that have not been purchased through the Denon webshop cannot be registered here.