Premium over-ear headphones with exceptional sound, beautiful Zebrawood housing, comfortable engineered leather and memory foam earpads and a 50-year legacy of headphone excellence.

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Zebrawood Over-Ear Premium Headphones


With the Denon premium headphone collection, the AH-D5200 draws on over 50 years of headphone engineering and design. The proprietary 50mm FreeEdge drivers minimize distortion in the diaphragm to provide detailed, accurate sound. It is built for extended periods of use through the ergonomic construction, soft engineered leather and over-ear memory foam earpads. Authentic Zebrawood housing offers elegant styling, greatly reducing unwanted resonances offering rich, warm tones. The included detachable 3.5mm cable and ¼ inch(6.3mm) adapter lets you use the AH-D5200 with your portable music player or home Hi-Fi system.

  • 50mm FreeEdge driver delivers high resolution audio with minimal distortion. Listen to music with incredible clarity
  • Beautiful Zebrawood housing with inherent acoustic properties — provides sound dampening for more accurate sound reproduction
  • Soft engineered leather provides comfort and design integrity
  • Ergonomic memory foam earpads for comfortable long-wear
  • Durable metal diecast hanger
  • Engineered with a more than 50-year Denon legacy of crafting premium headphones for audio-enthusiasts

    Sound that defies expectations. The 50mm FreeEdge drivers minimize unwanted resonances and distortion in the diaphragm to for the most accurate sound reproduction possible. Natural acoustic properties of the real Zebrawood housing aid in sound dampening to bring warmth and life to the sound.

  • FreeEdge 50mm Drivers

    The AH-D5200 headphones feature Japanese-made FreeEdge 50mm drivers. Built from materials chosen for rigidity and low mass, the FreeEdge drivers minimize unwanted resonances in the diaphragm to provide detailed, accurate sound. The drivers are mounted on vibration-reducing engineering resin baffles. These soft, compliant surround materials make it easier for the drivers to move in response to the music signal without flexing or distorting, for the purest possible sound.


    Zebrawood has a beautiful, high-contrast, individually unique and natural wood grain pattern. The exotic, high-density material dampens unwanted resonances for detailed sound reproduction and concert hall quality.

Ergonomic Comfort

Ergonomic design for long-wear. The AH-D5200 is shaped to offer a universal fit and light enough to wear comfortably for an extended duration. With minimal side pressure, an engineered soft leather ear pad and 3D shaped memory foam, the Denon AH-D5200 fits easily on the head and stays in place — listen for as long as you’d like.

Premium Craftsmanship

Drawing from Denon’s legacy of over 50 years of headphone engineering and design, the AH-D5200 features superb craftsmanship with an authentic Zebrawood housing. Soft, engineered leather complements the organic style of the wood, providing artisanal design to match audiophile sound.

Durable Materials

Preserve refined sound with strong materials. A durable diecast-aluminum hanger frames the housing of the Denon AH-D5200, providing long-lasting quality and axis flexibility. Premium engineered leather withstands extensive use and retains its aesthetic appeal. The detachable cable and compact case for storing ensure the AH-D5200 headphones provide superior sound and comfort for years to come.


The Hi-Res Audio logo certifies that a product meets the Hi-Res Audio standards. Per these standards, headphones must have transducer frequency performance to at least 40 kHz. As a producer of premium headphones for over 50 years, Denon is well-positioned to provide audio solutions that meet the demands of Hi-Res Audio media formats, allowing for the full reproduction of their sonic signature.




Awards & Reviews

  • "Workmanship and wearing comfort are excellent, its sound level almost matches that of its big brother."
  • "Remarkable restitution in all respects, perfectly balanced on the spectral level. Harmonious timbres and a very tangible venue atmosphere."
  • "A very pleasant and effortlessly sounding headphone for pleasure listeners with sense for accurate detail reproduction, which is particularly fun because of its energetic and well controlled bass with poppy, funky material. Even mediocre recorded Metal is not annoying thanks to the silky, never intrusive high tone."
  • HiFi Choice [PL] - BEST IN TEST ★★★★★
    “One of the most interesting dynamic headphones in its price range”
  • "The Denon AH-D5200 is a true hi-fi headphone, which not only looks first-class but can also emphasize the optical promise with a fine sound image. While the good selection of materials stands out positively - stable and durable aluminum meets high-quality artificial leather with fine wood applications. The used memory foam provides a pleasant and high wearing comfort for long music enjoyment is no problem at all."
  • "Its absolute coherence in sound characterizes the AH-D5200 sustainably. This headphone sounds as solid as a rock. It also impresses with its feel, impeccable workmanship and great value for money. Anyone who still does not take the Japanese seriously in terms of headphones, runs the risk of paying dearly for this mistake. The Denon AH-D5200 gets a strong i-fidelity.net recommendation."
  • "With the AH-D5200, Denon has managed to create a hi-fi headphone that offers everything from good material selection and high wearing comfort to detailed sound, which the music lover hopes for at the price they are looking for The headphone promises and delivers listening pleasure at a high level and its use is especially fun because the sound of the AH-D5200 is as simple and noble as its appearance. "
  • [..] you get a pair of headphones that separates the wheat from the chaff with ease and superiority, close to making the prize a form.
  • "In summary, the over-ear headphones impress with their detailed high-level reproduction, precise spatiality and pleasant wearing comfort. Even with longer listening sessions, the headphones are very comfortable due to their upholstery and low weight."
  • "[...] a real Denon HiFi headphone, capable of delivering a very large sound image, with deep and powerful bass."
  • “This is immediately evident in the workmanship, which is no less than flawless. Velvety zebra wood, precisely milled aluminum elements and buttery soft faux leather from Japan come together to a perfectly crafted overall product. All the more surprising that the AH-D5200 is very light despite the solid-looking materials and sits well. The comfortable fit of the extremely soft upholstery also contributes to this.”
  • The Denon AH-D5200 are high-fidelity headphones, build with first-class materials like wooden cups, that deliver great sound with any device.


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