DRIVE THE SOUND Denon provides high-quality Hi-Fi System for Citroën C4, DS4 and DS5

Jun 25, 2013

June 26th, 2013 – Denon, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality home entertainment products, is proud to announce its cooperation with car manufacturer Citroën to provide a new high-quality in-car Hi-Fi System for selected models. The new Denon Hi-Fi System, tailor-made and optimised for Citroën C4, DS4 and DS5, consists of up to ten loudspeakers and a strong but delicate digital amplifier. It fulfills the needs of each music enthusiast or audiophile as it creates the typical Denon experience: a powerful, natural and accurate sound – out on the open road. To break the spiral of larger and heavier systems requiring more power, a complete new set of high efficient and light-weight audio components was developed:

-        Soft-dome tweeters with resonance chambers for minimal distortion; fully active steered in the front of the vehicle.

-        CosCone™ woofers with high sensitivity and large excursion, but with reduced weight and limited footprint allowing sufficient storage in the doors

-        Subwoofer box with 100W, integrated in the trunk

-        Full digital amplifier with 10 channels x 50W. Advanced road noise & distortion management. Speed dependent equalization & volume. 2 effective sound presets (sound distribution) for different vehicle occupations (driver, passengers)

The default configuration and simplicity of the system require minimal interaction with the driver and allow him to enjoy the large sound stage with a frontal and well centered image. Each vehicle variant has been dynamically optimized to deliver best and constant performance under all driving conditions. Check for more information.