Denon refines former award winning 2-channel stereo system with new PMA-1520AE and DCD-1520AE

Aug 01, 2013

The PMA-1520AE’s remodeled Advanced UHC-MOS Single Push-Pull Circuit and the twin transformers with leakage cancelling technology prove, that Denon always finds ways to advance their famed 2-channel products. The Precision Direct Mechanical Ground Construction thoroughly suppresses vibration thus minimizing adverse influences on the output signal. The power transformer, a major source of vibration, has been “float” mounted using a variety of vibration-resistant materials and a radiator stabilizer. It further owns separate power supplies for analogue and digital circuits. A chassis construction with independent blocks and the large high-grade volume potentiometer further suppress external noise and unwanted interferences between the parts. All relevant ingredients have been strictly selected to deliver the high sound quality for which Denon is renowned. The high-performance phono equalizer makes the PMA-1520AE the best choice also for vinyl lovers. Everything is protected by a thick aluminum front panel with the Denon logo engraved. 

As the perfect companion, the new DCD-1520AE CD/SACD Player delivers purity in design and performance. But all the new technical innovations surely qualify it to be a true enrichment for any other amplifier on the planet, too. To meet the requirements of today’s HiFi enthusiasts, Denon’s DCD-1520AE inherits a complex build quality like a precision mechanical ground construction on a triple layer base and a newly developed S.V.H. drive mechanism with low centre of gravity. The anti-vibration Xyron coated tray cares for optimal digital disc playback combined with the possibility to directly connect a computer to the USB-B input. The asynchronous USB-B connectivity makes it possible to enjoy music in master quality of 192kHz/24 bit and also the bit stream formats known from SACD which are DSD2.8 and DSD5.6. All digital PCM signals will be treated carefully by the Advanced AL32 Processing as well as high-grade 32-Bit/192 kHz DA converters guaranteeing highest detail levels at all volumes. A DAC Master Clock Circuit Design suppresses jitter and noise and achieves a clear sound image. 

Completing the new Denon AE Series, the PMA-1520AE and DCD-1520AE again show Denon’s continuous efforts to offer the best playback quality possible in every product category at every price point.