DCD-100 and DRA-100 - An elegant pair

Dec 07, 2017

The network stereo receiver DRA-100 and the DCD-100 CD player were aimed at demanding hi-fi listeners who value a high-quality, compact design. The DRA-100 features next-generation music playback options: built-in Wi-Fi capabilities for streaming high-definition audio formats, AirPlay, Bluetooth, and support for many other digital and analog sources. 
Conclusion of the audio editors: "This duo is really fun.The amplifier offers everything you need for modern streaming today, and he packs with his crisp Class-D power amplifiers sometimes properly.The CD player fits wonderfully into the concept All in all, a round package. "

Here you will find more information about the DRA-100. 
Here you will find more information about the DCD-100 .