Dec 23, 2013

In the current issue of Audiovision (12/2013), the AVR-X4000 convinced the reviewers with its “good sound and versatile features” and earned a HIGHLIGHT logo. In the comparative test, the AVR-X4000 was able to outperform the more expensive competitors with regard to usability related categories and features. However, the AVR-X4000 was also praised for the video processing and – most important – its sound: 

"Compared to its predecessor the power output of the AVR-X4000 was increased slightly: In multi-channel mode, it provides a good overall performance of 600 watts regardless whether using 5 or 7 speakers. This is a proof for a very stable power supply … The general sound character of the Denon is neutral and precise: kick drums and bass guitar in the Steely Dan song "Janie Runaway" are deep, dynamic and fast, the song never sounds harsh at higher levels… 

…powerful bass effects – like in the fourth chapter of "The Amazing Spider-Man" were properly and powerful reproduced with and without the use of a powerful subwoofer. The Dynamic EQ loudness circuit, which is available after the calibration, works unobtrusively at low and high volumes and always packed the right little bit of bass on top."

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