AH-D600 Headphones - Interview with Gregory Mallet (International Olympic Swimmer)

Dec 02, 2013

Olympic Games

  • Silver medal at the Olympic Games of London in 2012 for the 4 x 200m freestyle
  • Silver medal at the Olympic Games of Beijing in 2008 for the 4 x 100m freestyle

World Championships

  • Gold medal in Barcelona in 2013 for the 4 x 100m freestyle
  • Silver medal in Shanghai in 2011 for the 4 x 200m freestyle
  • Bronze medal in Roma in 2009 for the 4 x 200m freestyle
  • Bronze medal in Melbourne in 2007 for the 4 x 100m freestyle

How long have you been swimming at high level?
Grégory Mallet (GM): “I have been swimming at high level since 2000 and I’ve been swimming with the French Team for 8 years.”

On average, how many hours a day do you swim?
GM: “In peak time, I train between 6-7am daily.”

Do you practice any other sports to enhance your performance?
GM: “Yes, I do a lot of muscle building, also cycling at the beginning of the year and I practice a lot of wakeboard for fun.”

Do you listen to music when you train and if so, what kind?
GM: “Well, it is very difficult to listen to music when you swim and it is not in the protocol of training. However, I sometimes listen to music while swimming during recovery periods.”

Is there particular music that helps you concentrate before a major race?
GM: “During a championship I listen to a lot of Rap U.S., such as 50cent. Also I have been a big fan of Michael Jackson since I was a child.”

What is your next important championship?
GM: “The championships of France in April 2014, they are really important because I have to qualify in order to participate in the European Championships in Berlin, August 2014.”

What is your greatest achievement as an athlete?

GM: “I would say my whole career and my Olympic medals.”

What are your passions once you leave the swimming pool?
GM: “I am a big fan of mechanics, old cars, especially the old American ones. I like driving as much as having my hands in the engine. But not only cars, I also drive a Harley. Then wakeboard during the summer.”

Are you someone who only listens to wireless music or are you an enthusiast of old good CDs and vinyls?
GM: “Well, wireless music is indeed very convenient, I download music that I can listen to everywhere. But I remain a fan of CDs and LPs. There is such a high quality of sound from the turntables, I remember the one my parents had, this is the kind of equipment that you keep for life. I have a friend who renovates antique objects including jukeboxes, it’d be fun to have one.”

In the era of social networking and Smartphones, are you addicted to your phone, your FB and Twitter?
GM: “I’m not an addict for sure, I can live without it during holidays, but the smartphone has become indispensable today. I‘m a good user and social networks let me keep in touch with my fans and people who follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.”

What do you think of the AH-D600 and the Exercise Freak headphones?
GM: “I love the AH-D600, it is very comfortable and lets me isolate myself when I want to be in my bubble before or after training / racing. The Exercise Freak is very convenient. However the arch headphone is much more important than the in-ear headphones for athletes because the arch headphone really allows you to focus, to feel alone in your bubble before a competition.”

What do you think of the various Denon products that you could test?
GM: “DHT-T100 is turned on as soon as I‘m home. I love it! Sound modes selection is very well thought because there is a very unique power of sound for every single mode. In addition, it is extremely easy to set up and use. The Bluetooth function allows me to listen to my music directly from my iPhone. The Ceol is equally impressive with powerful sound that surprises since the small size of the chain. I am very satisfied with the quality of the Denon devices.