How A Wireless Multi-Room Audio System Measures Up To Component Audio

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If you've ever thrown a party at home or just missed your favourite part of a song because you briefly had to leave your main listening room, you've probably thought about investing in a wireless multi-room audio system. With the right setup, you can enjoy music all day across several different rooms. While many music enthusiasts still opt for a wired component audio system, there are several advantages to cutting the cords.

Leave your walls intact

In the past, those who were interested in hearing their tunes throughout the home - without greatly diminishing sound quality - had little choice but to run lots of speaker wire in not-so-favourable places. These arrangements involve positioning speakers in different areas of the house and connecting them to an amplifier or receiver. From there, the listener must manually set which speakers deliver sound to one or more zones.

To avoid tripping over wires everywhere they go, the listener must try to conceal them. While running the wires below a rug in DIY fashion might suffice as a solution, the more comprehensive approach calls for a robust home audio installation. That entails an extensive project of running wires within the walls and ceiling - and a tremendous headache if you ever need to replace part of the system.

Avoiding these labour-intensive processes is an excellent reason to use a wireless solution instead. With a compact Wi-Fi-connected or Bluetooth speaker in every room, it's easy to spread the music around in a way that fits your preferences and needs. The key is to avoid compromising sound quality by choosing speakers made with high-quality materials that consistently deliver a rich, full-range experience.

A wireless multi-room audio system brings you enhanced control

Today's wireless audio systems also have major advantages over traditional component audio when it comes to adjusting where and when they play. With the HEOS app, there's no need to return to the receiver every time you want to turn the speakers on and off in particular zones. Instead, listeners have a simple, portable interface for setting what music plays where.

The app allows the flexibility to establish zones throughout the house and control them from anywhere. You can beam the same tunes everywhere for a gathering, or everyone can play the music they prefer in their own space. Listeners also have options to select their favourites from the library on their mobile devices or stream from a wide variety of streaming services.

Add a HEOS AVR to serve as the hub of the system, providing exceptional performance while unlocking new possibilities for your setup. You can continue using traditional component speakers in your primary listening area for centre, left and right channels while taking advantage of wireless flexibility. Skip running cables throughout the room by connecting HEOS wireless speakers as your rear surrounds, and enjoy access to an expansive library of music via the streaming capabilities.

The game has changed in multi-room audio thanks to wireless technology. Check out the selection of amplifiers and speakers from HEOS, and explore the possibilities for making your entire home a great spot for listening to music.


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