How to find the perfect headphones for your holidays

With games being more cinematic than ever, your sound and visual set-up has never been more important to truly immerse yourself in the storyline. The TV might be an obvious starting point to invest in, but to seriously satisfy all the senses when not using a headset, a soundbar like the Denon DHT-S316 is our top tip for an outstanding audio solution.

Dive deep into the action

Escaping into a realm that's far removed from our day-to-day grind. That's what we all love about gaming. Headphones deliver all the details you need, but what about your buddies sitting next to you? The DHT-S316 Soundbar uses complex algorithms to replicate the feeling of true surround sound into your whole room, from the rattle of gunfire in the immediate foreground to the tiniest atmospheric details of sound design, and the cheering crowd in a football match.The supplied subwoofer can be placed anywhere in the room to deliver the right rumble, explosions and low ends perfectly matching the captivating gameplay.

Never miss a line

As games progressively have more complex and in-depth storylines with greater dialogue, you can't afford to miss what is being said amongst characters. Take the likes of Red Dead Redemption and Fallout for example - every line is critical, and you certainly don't want to be thrown into action having missed crucial orders from your comrades in the previous scene. The Denon DHT-S316 has you covered with its groundbreaking Dialogue Enhancer technology, able to raise the volume on the discourse while keeping sound effects and music as it is. It puts you front and centre of the conversation.

The whole family will love it!

For ease of use, it's best to set yourself up with kit that is easy to navigate between the family's everyday life and your world of gaming. The DHT-S316 is a true allrounder. Connect it to your TV through a single HDMI port, or optical/digital input, and your regular TV remote can assume full control. Enjoy Netflix, Kids programs, Blu-rays and more with stunning surround sound like never before. Ready for music playback as well? Stream your favourite soundtracks through Bluetooth connectivity from any smartphone or tablet.

The techy facts

For a feature-packed unit that will fit sleekly under your TV, the Denon DHT-S316 is an ideal offering. The soundbar provides high-quality sound reproduction in a package that's just 2" tall. Dual mid-range drivers, detailed tweeters and a wireless subwoofer combine to let you hear every detail in perfect clarity. Dolby and DTS sound decoding is included to deliver a virtual surround sound from your favourite games and TV programs alike.

In short:

  • To dive deep into the action and to experience a fully immersive gaming experience, you need a soundbar solution that delivers the full range from small details to the sheer power of sudden explosions.
  • To keep up with the ever-developing storylines of modern gaming, make sure the dialogue can easily be understood through your audio set-up.
  • Make the whole family happy with an outstanding improvement of show, movie and TV series experiences at any time. Easy operation is key, so is a sleek design that blends in nicely with your interior.  

Find more details and where to buy of Denon soundbars like the DHT-S316, fitting perfectly to your needs for extraordinary game and TV experiences. 


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