3 Signs That Your Speaker System Needs A New Amplifier

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There's nothing more frustrating than painstakingly piecing together a wireless speaker system, only to have sound quality that dips well below your expectations. Whether you're a film fan enamoured with the idea of creating a high-quality home theatre system or a music lover looking to capture every detail buried within a recording, subpar audio performance is unacceptable.

You don't necessarily need to scrap your setup and start fresh to achieve the high level of audio fidelity you demand from your speaker system. You may just need a little help from a powerful amplifier. Watch out for these three tell-tale signs that your setup is in dire need of an amp for speakers.

Your speaker system isn't loud enough

The most obvious red flag to look out for is a sound system's inability to achieve an acceptable volume level. If you crank your volume knob to the max setting and the audio still isn't loud enough — at least not without sounding horribly distorted — that's a dead giveaway that there could be a power issue affecting the sound quality.

A good amplifier uses signal power with maximum efficiency, achieving a high signal-to-noise ratio. That is, the level of the audio signal is significantly higher than the accompanying signal noise. Anything above 100 dB should provide excellent sound quality with minimal distortion and maximal clarity.

For medium size rooms an amplifier output wattage of roughly 50W on 8 ohm will be sufficient to drive book shelf or medium size floor standing speakers. As a thumb of rule, it can be said the bigger the speaker the louder it can play, and the more power is needed to achieve the maximum volume.

Another aspect for picking the right amplifier is the overall quality it can deliver, which is not automatically going along with the wattage indication. It is not all about the max power, but the quality of the audio signal processing too. Hence amplifier with moderate wattage can deliver outstanding audio performance.

Sound quality suffers when you play music directly from your computer

In the age of Apple Music and Spotify, playing or streaming music from a desktop computer has become commonplace. In fact, it's the preferred music format for many music lovers out there. However, the analoque connection often used to connect a PC to an amplifier, degrades the audio performance dramatically. When using the Denon DNP-800NE using this inferior way of connection becomes history. The DNP-800NE allows you to stream Apple Music from your computer via AirPlay or Spotify and many more music services straight from the internet to your Hi-Fi system, guaranteeing the best audio quality. Another link offered is Bluetooth, as you know it from your BT-Speakers. For best quality audio the DNP-800NE also allows for playback of high-resolution audio files stored on your computer or NAS drive. For day-to-day listening you will appreciate the built-in TuneIn internet radio feature.
The matching PMA-800NE integrated stereo amplifier provides optimal audio quality from your favourite music sources, including CD and Vinyl.

Audio fidelity dips when using headphones

The best way to really immerse yourself in a song is to completely cut out distractions or peripheral noise. In those moments, nothing short of a pair of high-quality headphones will do. But, if you notice sound quality issues — even while listening with premium headphones — you may need an amplifier.

The PMA-800NE features a dedicated, high quality amplifier circuit with a high-speed, ultra-low-distortion wideband op amp, along with a final output stage for the ultimate sound quality.

If you're running into sound quality problems with your good quality speaker system, a high-performance amplifier could be the answer. See all the latest industry-leading equipment from Denon to meet your home audio needs.


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