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1910 - that's not a typo

Since 1910, Denon has perhaps made more technological innovations than any other audio brand. Still, progress for the sake of progress is far from the Denon way.

Underlying this legacy of first-to-market technologies are three pillars that continue to drive the brand forward.

A true passion
for audio

Music has become increasingly digitized, bringing the need for premium audio technology into sharper focus. That is why Denon is constantly developing new products that not only meet the needs of the latest formats, but consistently exceed them.

A respect
for artistry

First and foremost, everyone at Denon is a music lover (many are indeed musicians). Whether they're a Sound Master, an engineer or a customer service representative, they will – without exception – be deeply passionate about how things sound. We've not strayed from the principles that made us famous 110 years ago.

Technology is
the way to
a better future

Denon has cemented its reputation as a visionary and a tastemaker, not only with our customers, but with our partners and competitors. They are just as eager for our next generation of products, and reassuringly they support our ambition: the belief that better sound leads to a happier life.

Often first, always trusted

Every day at Denon's R&D facilities, new technologies are imagined as our engineers seek new ways to deliver immersive experiences, spectacular sound, and performance that never wavers.

And because of its commitment to ongoing research, Denon is very often first to market. Relentless enthusiasm and exhaustive testing are required to launch any new innovation, and that is the very reason Denon never lets you down.

If what you seek is a combination of cutting-edge technology and sound quality you can trust, there really is no other brand.

Historical highlights


1910 Commenced sales of Japan’s first phonograph
1934 Japan Denki Onkyo Laboratory is established
1939 Japan’s first disk recorder/player, the TPR-14-C, is delivered to NHK, Japan's national broadcaster
1940 A factory, dedicated to recording equipment, is set up in Mitaka, DR-14B
1944 Company name is changed to Japan Denki Onkyo Co. Ltd.
1945 First recording of the voice of Japan’s Emperor Hirohito
1948 Disc recorder/player R-23-A adopted in NHK’s restructure plan
1951 R-26-F portable tape recorder is delivered to NHK
1958 Mitaka is used mainly to produce broadcast studio tape recorders and disc players
1963 Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd. acquires Japan Denki Onkyo Co. Ltd.
1964 DL-103 is officially delivered to NHK
1966 SH-31, the first headphones, are released
1970 Denon brand name starts to be used for consumer products
1970 DN-302F direct-drive player for broadcast studios is released
1971 DP-5000 direct-drive servo turntable for consumers is released
1972 Developed the world’s first practical PCM digital recorder DN-023R
1974 DH-710 open reel tape deck is released
1981 DN-3000F, the world’s first CD player, is released
1983 Shirakawa production facility is opened
1987 CD cart player is available for professional use
1995 First home system to support Dolby Digital decoding with Lucasfilm THX 5.1
2000 AVR-5805CI launches as the first receiver with HDMI, Audyssey, and network capability
2009 World’s first DVD-A1UD universal Blu-ray Disc is released
2010 Denon celebrates ‘A legacy of firsts’ on its 110th anniversary
2014 AV receiver with world’s first support for Dolby Atmos is released
2014 HEOS® multi-room, streaming audio platform is launched
2015 HEOS® takes multi-room mobile for the first time with the HEOS® 1 and the Go Pack
2016 Denon headphones 50th anniversary
2017 Japan’s first Auro-3D AV Receiver is released
2018 Denon introduced the world's first 13.2 channel home AV Receiver
2019 HEOS® streaming platform supports HD digital Audio streams
2020 Denon release the world's first 8K AV Receiver
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