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Wireless Speaker Buying Guide

Everything you need to know

Why would I choose a wireless speaker?

Ease of use and set-up. Wireless speakers just need to be plugged into an outlet and connected to an audio source via a wireless (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) connection to play. Many wireless speakers like those in our Denon Home line are also smart speakers, as they are voice control-capable and can be connected to other wireless speakers to create a stereo pair or even a multi-room audio ecosystem.

How do Wireless Speakers work?

There are two types of wireless speakers: WiFi speakers and Bluetooth speakers. WiFi speakers connect to your home WiFi network and are able to share content via the network. WiFi speakers also typically support Bluetooth and can connect directly to a device using that wireless technology. Bluetooth speakers only support direct connection to a device via Bluetooth.

How to choose wireless speakers / Which wireless speaker is right for me?

When selecting a wireless speaker, you should consider the size of the room and the desired audio quality. Wireless speakers come in different sizes—a larger speaker can fill a larger space with sound. For example, a Denon Home 350 speaker has 2 tweeters, 2 mid-range drivers and 2 woofers and is designed to deliver room filling sound in large spaces. The smaller Denon Home 150 has one tweeter and one mid-bass driver that delivers excellent audio in smaller rooms. If you are trying to fully outfit your living space, you can create a 5.1 surround system with a wireless soundbar, two small wireless speakers as your rear surround sound channels, and a wireless subwoofer. As luck would have it, we have just the speaker bundle for you.

Can I pair Denon Home wireless speakers or connect them to my TV?

Yes. Two Denon Home speakers can be grouped to create a stereo pair to deliver sound in larger spaces. And Denon Home speakers can be grouped with a soundbar that is connected to your TV, along with a subwoofer to create a 5.1 surround sound system.

What is HEOS and what does it do for Denon Home wireless speakers?

HEOS is a wireless, multi-room technology that is built into many Denon products. It allows you to wirelessly share content between multiple devices, while also maintaining audio fidelity and a lag-free listening environment. Opera in the bathroom and Heavy Metal in the garage? Or do you want to create an immersive 5.1 surround sound system for your living room? You can make all that and more happen with HEOS. Plus, you’ll always be in control of it all with the free HEOS app, available through Google Play and the App store. 

Does HEOS work with all wireless speakers?

HEOS only works with wireless speakers and other devices that have HEOS® Built-in. Check your packaging for this badge:HEOS Built-in

What devices and services work with HEOS?

HEOS works with many Denon and Marantz brand products. Check your packaging for this badge: Heos Built-in

HEOS also will let you enjoy Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music HD, Pandora, TIDAL, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Sirius XM, Deezer and more via Wi-Fi, Airplay 2 and Bluetooth connection. Essentially, HEOS is a great way to connect all your devices, without sacrificing the sound quality in your audio setup.

Why should you buy Denon wireless speakers?

Buy Denon wireless speakers because they’re made by the same team that manufactures legendary and award-winning audio equipment. Each speaker is hand-tuned to be crisp and clear with the ability to pair multiple speakers together to deliver amazing surround or multi-room sound. You can choose Denon for the incredible sound and value, but you’ll stay for the unwavering customer support and the century’s worth of audio passion.