Turn on possibilities and turn off restrictions. Discover the Freedom of Sound: CEOL by Denon

Features - CEOL N7

Enjoy variety of music source

  • IDigitally transmitted play function for iPhone or iPod (built-in iPod dock)

  • Internet radio and network audio streaming via Ethernet or Wi-Fi

  • Music files stored on a network-connected device such as a PC or NAS.

  •* online support

  • FLAC 96-kHz/24-bit audio format (2 channel)

  • Plays USB memory and USB memory players

  • Plays CD, CD-R /CD-RW (WMA or MP3)

  • Listen to FM / AM

  • Front PORTABLE IN for any portable device (analogue)

  • Digital optical input Enhanced features

  • Wi-Fi connectivity with WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)

  • Party Mode Plus

  • Airplay wireless music streaming (requires software upgrade; click here for more information.)

High-quality sound

  • Integrates Denon hi-fi component sound engineering into compact size

  • “Simple & straight” circuit design and minimum signal path, to optimise performance in sound quality

  • 65 W + 65 W, high power output (4 ohms, 1 kHz, T.H.D. 0.7%)

Easy of use

  • 3 line OELD with high contrast and wide view

  • Support for Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), easy to connect to wireless LAN

  • Simple remote control

  • Denon Remote App for iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad available in the Appstore

  • Plug‘ n Play

  • First time Network installation wizard

Discover the freedom of sound in our exclusive demo video. Click here.

SC-N7 Speaker system

  • 2way speaker system

  • Beautifully matching design and pearl white finish

  • 12 cm bass-mid driver and 2.5 cm balance dome tweeter

  • MDF wooden cabinet

Specs - CEOL N7


Downloads - CEOL N7

pdf file
Instruction Manual

1.55 MB

pdf file
Ceol Product information sheet

0.71 MB

pdf file
CEOL / Catalogue

1.25 MB

pdf file
Network Setup Guide RCDN-7

0.46 MB

Comparison - CEOL N7



  • CD digital audio

  • Compact Disc

  • Compact Disc Digital Audio - Recordable / ReWritable

    Disc cd insciptible ou réinscriptible

  • DLNA Certified

  • Made for iPod

    "Made for iPod" means that an electronic device has been designed to connect specifically to iPod, and has been certified by the developer to meet Apple performance standards.

    Apple is not responsible for the operation of this device or its compliance with safety and regulatory standards. Please note that the use of this accessory with iPod may affect wireless performance.

  • Microsoft Plays - Windows Media

    The WMA (Windows Media Audio) technology is a reduction (compression) of digital data flow, developed by Microsoft. It claims to offer the best sound quality available today in the field. So if you encode your PC to the new WMA 9 audio files from a CD, just a rate of 64 kbit / s to obtain, according to Microsoft, a quality equivalent to the original sound. The WMA format is spreading more and more, and Microsoft's goal is to make, in terms of popularity, a rival to the MP3.

  • MP3 Playback

    A compressed audio format that is popular for downloading across the internet. Files may be recorded on CD-R or CD-RW media for playback in compatible DVD players, audio CD players, and CD-ROM drives. Files are usually named as "*.mp3". Sound quality varies as a function of the recording/encoding bit rate. For a high fidelity home audio system, its recommended to use MP3s encoded at no less than 256 kbps data rate. Anything less would mean too much compression was used at the cost of sound fidelity. See also WMA files compatibility with DVD and CD players.

  • Network

    This logo indicates that the product integrates a network jack in order to connect the home network.
    Several functionalities the models see technical specifications: Streaming audio over the network if "DLNA" Update via Internet Controllable via IP or iPhone / smartphone.

  • Network interface (W-LAN)

    Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity) is available for easy integration of the Denon component to your existing wireless home LAN.

    Support in principle the Wi-Fi-capable Denon components of current wireless encryption methods like WEP, WPA, WPA2, so you do not have to do without the usual security of your network.

  • Radio Data System

    Radio Data System for VHF/FM broadcasting.

    The developers aimed at making radio receivers very user-friendly. Listeners should be able to see the programme service name (PS) on an eight character alpha-numerical display and the transmitter frequency information, as displayed on non-RDS radios, is then only used in the background by an RDS radio. The tuner is able to choose the transmitter frequency, among a number of alternatives, that gives the best quality reception.

    Travel information with RDS is currently possible using the Travel Programme (TP) and Travel Announcement (TA) flags.

    Once a radio is tuned to a programme service broadcast within a network, using the RDS feature Enhanced Other Networks (EON), additional data about other programmes from the same broadcaster will be received. This enables the listener, according to their choice, to have the radio operating in an automatic switch-mode for travel information or a preferred Programme Type (PTY, e.g. News).

    Another feature of RDS is accurate Clock-Time, displaying the time/date when selected.

  • Radio Text

    RDS tuners with Radiotext can receive short messages which might include information about the presenter, station or programme you are listening to. For example, BBC Radio 1's RadioTEXT usually gives information about the presenter and programme, whereas Classic FM gives information which includes a web address for the station. The information will scroll across the display on a home tuner.

  • WMA files compatibility with DVD and CD players.

    Windows Media Audio (WMA) is a proprietary compressed audio file format developed by Microsoft. It was initially a competitor to the MP3 format, but with the introduction of Apple's iTunes Music Store, it has positioned itself as a competitor to the Advanced Audio Coding format used by Apple. It is part of the Windows Media framework.

    A WMA file is almost always encapsulated in an Advanced Systems Format (ASF) file. The resulting file may have the filename suffix "wma" or "asf" with the "wma" suffix being used only if the file is strictly audio. The ASF file format specifies how metadata about the file is to be encoded, akin to the ID3 tags used by MP3 files.

    Files in this format are mainly played using Windows Media Player, Winamp (with certain limitations, DSP plugin support and DirectSound output is disabled using the default WMA plugin) and many other alternative media players.

    The most current version of the format is Windows Media Audio 10 which includes specific codecs for lossless, multi-channel surround sound and voice encoding in addition to the main lossy codec. Both constant and variable bit rate encoding are supported.

    Denon DVD players can play CDR's or CDRW's with WMA and MP3 files burnt on them as long as they have been burnt using a slow speed, recommended x4 speed.

  • Work with iPhone

    La certification « Works with iPhone » permet de lire des médias en streaming via un iPod/iPhone 2G/ 3G / 4G. Attention l'iPad n'est pas intégrer dans la certification du à sa consomation en charge.