9.2ch 4K & 3D Pass Through, Networking Home Theater Receiver with AirPlay, Spotify and Network Hub

EISA Award

Features - AVR-4520

The new leader of the Denon AVR range comes with 190 W x 9 channel power amplifier and an 11.2 channel processing capability with DSX and dts NeoX. The full network functionality including a 4 port hub gives access to unlimited digital content. The DLNA1.5 certified receiver supports AirPlay as well as last.fm and Spotify. The ability for 4k video processing and the triple HDMI outputs goes in line with high quality i/p scaling. The unique Denon Link HD function, guaranteeing the ultimate in entertainment pleasure works in combination with AL32 Processing Multi Channel and DDSC-HD32 for higher resolution audio playback. The new Denon Link HD digital transmission (in combination with DBT-3313UD) dramatically improves sound quality by reducing Jitter to a minimum. All sums up to the most comprehensive AVR experience we have to offer. All is safely protected by a nicely design solid aluminum front panel with trap door hiding additional connectors and control buttons.



  • New sophisticated yet pure product design
  • 1080p and 4k video scaling, 4k HDMI switching, 4k GUI overlay
  • D.D.S.C.-HD32 circuit with AL32 Processing Multi Channel
  • New Denon LINK HD for low jitter audio transmission with compatible Blu-ray Players
  • Denon Remote App for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (available in AppStore)
  • Airplay wireless music streaming
  • Enhanced network capability
    - Internet Radio and network audio/photo streaming via Ethernet
    - Spotify, last.fm and Flickr online support (availability depends on country)
    - FLAC HD, High-resolution audio format
    - DLNA 1.5 compatible
  • Setup Assistant, providing easy-to-follow setup instructions
  • Easy operation, Graphical User Interface
  • GUI overlay on HD source
  • 6 + 1 (front) x HDMI inputs and 3 x HDMI outputs (2x simultaneously, 1x discrete Zone 4)
  • Audyssey DSX
  • Audyssey Pro ready

State-of-the-art Denon Solutions

  • Fully discrete, identical quality and power for all 9 channels (190 W x 9ch)
  • Stable power supply for high-quality sound and picture playback
  • Dolby TrueHD, dts HD Master Audio, DTS Neo:X and Dolby Pro Logic IIz
  • High-performance 192kHz/32-bit D/A converters for all channels
  • Featuring 3D pass-through technology

Connectivity &

Future-ready Expandability

  • Supports HDMI with 3D, Audio Return Channel, Deep Color, “x.v.Color”, Auto Lipsync and HDMI CEC control function
  • Direct play for iPod and iPhone via USB
  • Phono input
  • 11.2ch pre-out for maximum system expandability
  • 11 speaker terminals for height/wide/B speakers
  • MHL Interface compatible
  • Multizone management (4 zones)


  • Audyssey Dynamic Volume, for real-time volume adjustment
  • Audyssey MultEQ XT32 and Auto Setup
    - Tower type microphone for more accurate measuring
    - more than ten thousand individual control points allowing finer details of the room’s problems to be captured and corrected
    - High level resolution filters for satellite speakers and also subwoofer
  • Large character display


  • AMX, Crestron third party control support
  • Aluminum front panel with trap door and large 2 lines FL display
  • Lower power consumption at stand-by 0.1 W (Standby)
  • Auto Power Off

Specs - AVR-4520

Multichannel Surround
Sound Enhancements
Multiroom / CI

Downloads - AVR-4520

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Reviews And Awards - AVR-4520

AV Forums

"Denon have been making AV receivers for a long time, producing some real classics over the years and this experience shines through on the AVR-4520"

"The Denon has 9-Channels of amplification and enough power to blow you through the back wall"

Home Cinema Choice magazine

"Denon's AVR-4520 takes the AV receiver market by the scruff of the fascia and gives it a good shake. This flagship model does cost a significant chunk of money but is one of the most flexible, well featured and cleverly thought-out AVR's ever made. Add to this a stunning sound quality that strikes the perfect balance between detail and dynamics, and you have a product that will absolutely delight movie and music fans. We love it."

"Denon has returned to the £2,000 (and beyond) category with an absolute star. The AVR-4520 is a gorgeous, multi-talented machine that never stops impressing. Buy with confidence."

Stuff magazine

"Even by modern standards, this Denon is packed with features."

What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision magazine

"The AVR-4520 is Denon's top-of-the-range AV receiver - and it's an impressive statement from a company with arguably unrivalled pedigree in this market. Denon has led the way at every price level at one time or another in recent years."

"It's a very easy-to-listen-to sound, a cohesive, solid performance with no harsh edges."

"The Denon AVR-4520 is arguably the easiest machine here to sit back and enjoy: detailed, organised and cohesive, it delivers a simple-to-digest sound that's ultra-versatile when it comes to building a system."

AV Forums Highly Recommended
Home Cinema Choice Best Buy award (March 2013).
Home Cinema Choice Reference Status award (March 2013).
Spotify Online Music Streaming

Comparison - AVR-4520


- AVR-4520

  • "User Mode"-Speicher

    Die leicht zugänglichen "User Mode"-Tasten auf der Frontplatte des Gerätes und auf der Fernbedienung ermöglichen das Abspeichern und den schnellen Abruf benutzerdefinierter Einstellungen wie Quelle, Eingangs-Modus und Auto Surround-Modus. Die Speicher können für die Hauptzone und die Zone 2 separat belegt werden.

  • Audyssey DSX

    This new technology extends 5.1- and 7.1-channel sound sources to a wider and higher dimension considering the human perception that is usually focussed on the front. A more spacious sound is
    achieved through a pair of wide speakers placed wider than the usual front speakers, and
    a greater sense of height in sound is achieved by adding two height speakers above the

    Read more about this breathtaking new technology here.

  • Auto Surround

    Auto Surround ist eine Ergänzung zum bewährten Personal Memory Plus, das unter anderem den favorisierten Surround-Modus für jeden Eingang individuell speichert. Dank Personal Memory Plus entfällt für DENON-Kunden bereits seit Jahren das lästige Umschalten des Surround-Modus, wenn auf eine andere Quelle umgeschaltet wird. So wechselt der Receiver beispielsweise automatisch von „Dolby Surround“ auf „Stereo“, wenn der Eingang von VCR (Videorecorder) auf Tuner (Radio) gewechselt wird. In Verbindung mit dem neuen Auto Surround wird nicht nur der zuletzt verwendete Surround-Modus pro Eingang (Personal Memory Plus) gespeichert, sondern das Gerät kann auch zusätzlich nach Eingangssignal differenzieren. Unterschieden wird zwischen (1) Analog und PCM Stereo, (2) Bitstream 2-Kanal (Dolby Digital, DTS) und (3) Bitstream Mehrkanal. Diese neu entwickelte Automatik ist besonders bei DVD hilfreich, da DVD-Player eine Vielzahl von Medien und Formaten wiedergeben. Anhand des Eingangssignals kann der DENON-Receiver bzw. Verstärker auf das eingelegte Medium schließen und automatisch den optimalen Surround-Modus aktivieren. Zum Beispiel wird bei eingelegter CD (Stereo, PCM) sofort der ideale „Dolby Pro Logic II Music“-Modus gewählt, bei älteren Filmen auf DVD im alten „Dolby Surround“-Format (Dolby Digital 2.0) oder auch DVD-Menüs liefert „Dolby Pro Logic II Cinema“ optimale Ergebnisse und aktuelle Filme in 5.1 (Dolby Digital, DTS) werden automatisch richtig in „Dolby Digital 5.1“ bzw. in „DTS 5.1“ decodiert. Trotz der Vielzahl von Tonformaten und Wiedergabemodi bleibt die Bedienung entsprechend ausgestatteter DENON-Surround-Geräte einfach und komfortabel.

  • Cinema Equalizer

    The sound from movie sources recorded in Dolby Digital, DTS, or other formats emphasizes high-frequency range due to a theater’s front speakers being placed behind the movie screen. If this sound is reproduced in the home theater without correction, the high-frequency range is too strong. Denon amplifiers feature a Cinema Equalizer to correct these high-frequency components so that the sound is clearer and easier to listen to. (For Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II, and DTS surround modes.)

  • Compressed Audio Restorer

    The Compressed Audio Restorer ensures that even the now widely used, data-compressed audio files can properly do with music and lots of fun.

    enable a precise signal analysis of medium frequency locations and sophisticated computational procedures are Denon components equipped in the situation, residual harmonic content of conventional MP3, WMA or AAC signals to evaluate, missing bass back and height proportions, and so again to produce a full music signal. The spatial image, the dynamics improved. Even the often-ailing bass is back to its former strength. This is not technically sophisticated reconstruction of the audio signal Restorers can compare with the conventional arrangements are sound

  • DLNA Certified

  • Dolby Pro Logic IIx

    Dolby Pro Logic IIx is an extension of Dolby Pro Logic II technology. This highly sophisticated algorithm processes native stereo and 5.1 channel content to produce 6.1 or 7.1 output channels. And Dolby Pro Logic IIx is not available in the system without surround back speaker(s).

    Dolby Pro Logic IIx Music: The music mode creates a rich and enveloping surround ambience delivered to the subwoofer, optimizing the visceral of planned rear effects. This mode can only be used with 2-channel audio sources.

    Dolby Pro Logic IIx Cinema: The Cinema mode is optimized for movies or programs with Dolby Surround soundtracks. This mode is also appropriate for use with video game.

  • Dolby TrueHD

    Dolby TrueHD is a completely loss-free Audio-Codec for high resolution audio for up to 8 channels Supporting 24-Bit and sampling rates up to 192 kHz. It requires specific Dolby HD decoders. Since the resulting signal is bit-to-bit to the master you can achieve the ultimate in audio quality.

  • DTS-Decoder

    A data compression method developed by Digital Threater Systems that takes six channels of audio (5.1) and folds them into a single digital bitstream. This differs from Dolby Digital in that the data rate is a somewhat higher 1.4 Mbs, which represents a compression ratio of about 4 to 1.In order to take advantage of this DVD feature, a DTS decoder is required. DTS decoders are installed internally in Denon players and A/V recievers.

  • HDCD-Decoder

    HDCD-encoded CDs are encoded with 20 bits of real musical information, as compared with 16 bits for all other CDs. HDCD overcomes the limitation of the 16-bit CD format by using a sophisticated system to encode the additional 4 bits onto the CD while remaining completely compatible with the existing CD format. HDCD provides more dynamic range, a more focused 3-D soundstage, and extremely natural vocal and musical timbre. With HDCD, you get the body, depth, and emotion of the original performance not a flat, digital imitation.

  • Made for iPod

    "Made for iPod" means that an electronic device has been designed to connect specifically to iPod, and has been certified by the developer to meet Apple performance standards.

    Apple is not responsible for the operation of this device or its compliance with safety and regulatory standards. Please note that the use of this accessory with iPod may affect wireless performance.

  • Network Interface

  • Personal Memory Plus

    Stored final adjustments by type of source or audio format (automatic memory of your preference by type of source or audio format)

  • Work with iPhone

    La certification « Works with iPhone » permet de lire des médias en streaming via un iPod/iPhone 2G/ 3G / 4G. Attention l'iPad n'est pas intégrer dans la certification du à sa consomation en charge.

  • HDMI-output (HDCP)

    HDMI (high definition multimedia interface), a new connector that bases itself on the DVI-HDCP model. HDMI supports uncompressed high definition video plus multi-channel audio in a single cable using a smaller connector that eliminates the need for multiple cables in home entertainment systems, simplifying installation and eliminating cross technology confusion. It transmits uncompressed digital video so that the picture maintains a high quality of color depth, brightness and contrast. It also supports Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) based on the AV.link protocol so it can be controlled with a universal remote that is used with multiple HDMI sources such as Denon DVD players. HDMI supports bi-directional coommunciation between devices, allowing DVD players to communicate with Plasma's, LCD screens and Projectors, as long as they are HDCP compatible.
    The HDMI connection supports every uncompressed standard, enhanced and high definition video format ranging from 480I to 480P, 720P, 1080I and 1080P as well as existing PAL formats. It also has the bandwidth to support compressed audio formats such as Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital EX, DTS, DTS EX and uncompressed formats (PCM audio) up to eight channels, up to 192kHz, up to 24-bits.

    High Definition Multimedia Interface(HDMI) and High Definition Content Protection (HDCP) is a copyright protection system installed on most Plasmas, LCD's and projectors consisting of a HDMI or DVI input. All Denon DVD players require HDCP compliant displays to be fully compatible. It prohibits the copying of copyrighted material, like onto a VCR or DVD-recorder.

  • Audyssey MultEQ Pro Calibration

    Audyssey Registered Installers can provide advanced room equalization with MultEQ XT installed with the Audyssey Installer Kit and MultEQ Pro Software. The Audyssey Installer Kit comes with professional, pre-calibrated tools for the most accurate room measurements. MultEQ Pro Software allows more room measurements and the most precise room correction. It is possible to calibrate a home theater to standardized target sound curves and set speakers to appropriate level trim, distance and subwoofer crossover settings.

    MultEQ Pro offers up to 32 calibration measurements throughout the room using a professionally calibrated microphone. With your installer you can custom edit the target curve including midrange compensation. Moreover improved crossover optimization provides better blending between subwoofer and satellites.

    Not only will you here the astonishing results of the professional room calibration but you will also get a certificate that illustrates the results before and after the correction.

  • DTS-HD

    DTS-HD (High Definition) is a progression of DTS for high performance audio supporting upto 8 channels with a resolution of 24-Bit and sampling of upto 192 kHz. The differences between the formats is as follows:

    DTS-HD High Resolution Audio
    This format works like DTS however it uses a more effective compression algorithm, offering greater compression, the result is an audio signal almost bit for bit to the master while requiring a smaller amount of data.

    DTS-HD Master Audio
    This format is completely lossless with only minimal compression. The resulting audio signal is bit-for-bit to the master giving you the optimum in audio quality.

    A/V-Receivers with this logo can decode both formats, BD- or HD-DVD-Players with this logo can either decode or output the DTS-HD signal via HDMI.

  • Advanced AL32 Processing

    Advanced AL32 Processing, the new generation of the Alpha processor. It is capable of digital signals to expand not only in the resolution to 32 bits, but also leads an upsampling of the digital signals by up to 192 kHz.

    The Alpha processor suppresses quantization and disturbing are the finest musical nuances, even in extremely quiet passages of music, again, of course. Thus, for example as well as conventional 16-bit CDs in 32-bit quality of service and with an extended frequency range kHz up to 80. The downstream high-quality 32-bit, 192 kHz-D/A-Wandler the latest generation ensure the faithful conversion of the signals in the analog world.

    Advanced AL32 Processing The variation in multi-channel multi-channel devices to work simultaneously for all channels and smoother in operation for multi-fidelity sound reproduction.

  • Audyssey MultEQ-XT 32

    ​MultEQ XT32 is Audysseys most accurate room correction solution with more than ten thousand individual control points allowing finer details of the room’s problems to be captured and corrected. The ultra high resolution filters are applied to all channels including the subwoofers, with the most obvious benefit being heard in the low frequency range where correction is needed the most. 

    Click here for more information.

  • DTS-Neo:X

    ​This technology extends 2.0/5.1/7.1 sound sources to a wider and higher dimension considering the human perception that is usually focussed on the front. A more spacious sound is achieved through a pair of wide speakers placed wider than the usual front speakers, and a greater sense of height in sound is achieved by adding two height speakers above the front.

  • 3D Signal Pass Through

    3D HDMI video signals from Blu-ray players, set top boxes or game consoles are passed through the unit without processing. As part of HDMI 1.4 specification, this ensures that you can enjoy 3D programs without compromises in audio quality.