Denon Design Series Digital Integrated Amplifier. Real Hi-Fi for today´s lifestyles.

RRP: 999

Features - PMA-50

Digital Integrated Stereo Amplifier

Enjoy superior audio fidelity with the latest high resolution audio sources with the Denon PMA-50 digital integrated stereo amplifier, which features USB connection to your PC or Mac to play high-res PCM and DSD audio tracks. PCM tracks up to 24-bits/192-kHz, 2.8MHz and 5.6MHz DSD tracks are supported.

You can also enjoy listening to your music from your favorite portable device via wireless Bluetooth connectivity, and the PMA-50 features NFC touch pairing along with multi-point Bluetooth connectivity. For optimum wireless audio fidelity the PMA-50 features CSR aptX Low Latency decoding that delivers CD-quality sound.


There are multiple digital inputs (2 optical and 1 coaxial) for compatibility with digital audio sources along with an analog stereo input for legacy analog sources.

The advanced Class D digital amplifier features DDFA technology that provides high efficiency and low distortion and the PMA-50 is rated at 50 watts per channel into 4 ohms, for compatibility with the widest range of speaker types.

The compact chassis features deluxe styling and is sized to fit just about anywhere, including home and office desktops as well as home studios, and it can be positioned horizontally as well as vertically.


Advanced AL32 Digital

Audio Processing

For the ultimate fidelity with 16-bit, 20-bit and 24-bit digital audio tracks, the PMA-50 features Denon's Advanced AL32 digital audio processing system. Featured on Denon's premium audiophile disc players and digital audio components, Advanced AL32 processing upconverts, digitally filters and noise-shapes lower bit data to full 32-bits, delivering remarkable dynamic range and noticeably better low level resolution. Your favorite digital audio tracks have never sounded better.

Full digital power amplifier

for powerful and detailed sound

The amplifier section incorporates DDFA® technology from CSR. The output stage circuit has a discrete construction which realizes higher Signal-to-Noise-ratio and lower distortion compared to conventional class D amplifiers. This advanced amplifier system delivers superior audio fidelity along with high amplifier efficiency at 50W into 4 ohms.

The premium grade multi-way speaker connectors let you connect speaker cables via bare wire, pin connectors as well as banana plug connectors.


DAC Master Clock design

In order to reduce jitter, Master Clock is re-generated in the PWM modulator. This Denon Master Clock design ensures that sound is correctly localized and your sound space is thoroughly realistic.

USB-B Input for High resolution

Audio including PCM and DSD

Via the USB-B input, you can connect your Mac or PC to the PMA-50 and enjoy high resolution audio tracks. The PMA-50 can play high resolution PCM files of up to 24-bits/192-kHz along with high resolution DSD 2.8 MHz and 5.6 MHz files (DSD is the advanced digital audio coding system of SACD). A USB-A to USB-B cable is included.

To eliminate induced digital noise via the USB input, the PMA-50 features a dedicated noise isolation block prior to the digital amplifier and D/A conversion block that prevents digital noise from degrading the audio fidelity.

Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity

with NFC and Multi-Point

Stream your favorite audio tracks from your portable devices via the PMA-50's Bluetooth connectivity, which features quick and easy pairing via the Bluetooth button on the front panel. Simply activate the Bluetooth function on your device, press the Bluetooth button on the front panel or the remote control and when prompted, enter the supplied 4 digit passcode on your device. Your device and the PMA-50 are instantly paired and up to 8 devices can be remembered.

For even faster pairing, the PMA-50 features NFC (Near Field Communication). Simply activate your NFC-enabled Bluetooth device and place it next to the N mark on the PMA-50 (located on the side panel), and it's instantly paired with no need for manual passcode entry.

Plus, the PMA-50 features Multi Point Bluetooth connectivity which allows 3 Bluetooth-enabled devices to be connected simultaneously. Play tracks from 1 device and when it's paused or stopped and another paired device's play function is activated the PMA-50 automatically switches to that device. The front panel display shows the name of the currently selected Bluetooth device.

aptX Low Latency Decoding

For CD-quality audio playback, the PMA-50 features the latest generation CSR aptX Low Latency decoding, which provides optimum time synchronization when playing back audio from video sources with no lip sync issues.


Compact Chassis with

Vertical or Horizontal Placement

The stylish and elegant compact chassis features deluxe finishes including soft aluminum matte with bright silver tone accents and glossy and matte black surfaces.

For optimum placement versatility the PMA-50 can be positioned either horizontally or vertically and it features removable feet and screw caps that are quickly and easily re-configured.

The PMA-50 features an automatic display orientation function that detects if the amplifier is mounted vertically or horizontally and adjusts the display accordingly.

Multiple Digital Audio Inputs;

Analog Stereo Input

In addition to the USB-B input, the PMA-50 features 2 optical digital audio inputs and 1 coaxial digital audio input. There's also a stereo analog input for connection to legacy analog sources.

High Quality Headphone Output

with Selectable Headphone Impedance

For top audio fidelity the PMA-50 is equipped with a dedicated headphone amplifier circuit that features a high speed ultra low distortion wideband op amp that's paired with a fully discrete final output stage.

In order to accommodate the widest range of headphone types, the PMA-50 features an adjustable headphone impedance control, with 3 settings for low, medium and high impedance headphones which provide proper matching of headphone impedance and amplifier gain.

The headphone jack features a 6.3mm connector for compatibility with premium home and professional studio headphone models.

Ergonomic Remote Control

The supplied remote control features an ergonomically-designed layout that includes a cursor keypad, source select and volume controls, setup menu and back buttons, a Bluetooth button and a display dimmer button.

Specs - PMA-50


Downloads - PMA-50

pdf file
Online Manual
pdf file
PMA-50 Product Information Sheet

1.30 MB

pdf file
Instruction Manual PMA-50

1.94 MB

pdf file
PMA-50 PC Driver

3.72 MB

pdf file
USB-DAC Driver for Windows 10

4.39 MB

Reviews And Awards - PMA-50

Hi Fi News - Highly Commended

"I can say that the little Denon set-up not only makes a classy basis for a compact system for use on a desk or in reasonably-sized rooms, but that it also manages to kick up something of  storm when used with large, easy-going speakers…"

"…this little pairing is a whole lot of fun with everything from hi-res DSD files of smoky jazz or intricate chamber works to a bit of mainstream rock and pop spinning on CD, or even using lossless streaming via the computer."

"…vocals and lead instruments are both clean and well defined, with an impressive sense of soundstage depth and focus – even with large-scale orchestral works…"

"Even when you go more mainstream, the Denon will deliver: toward the end of my listening sessions I had it crashing out the recent re-master of Led Zeppelin's "Coda" with real determination…"


"You can definitely buy other amplifiers for the same money able to do as much as the Denon PMA-50. However, they won't do it with such style, while taking up as little space, thanks to its clever design and ability to sit on end and reduce its already minimal footprint. The matching CD player is a compelling accessory, if more convincing as a transport than as a player. The amp, however, is the star of this show."


"Denon's latest compact integrated combine’s computer audio appeal with beautiful build…"

"…it packs quite a surprising punch…and never find it lacking for power or struggling to keep up with the demands that I place upon it."

"…it is capable of an attractively detailed and punchy sound, coupled with an inherent smoothness and refinement."

…"the PMA-50 proves more than capable of getting the air in the room moving with everything from the bass line on The Rolling Stones 'Sympathy For The Devil' to  a spot of atmospherically recorded cathedral organ, while at the same time retaining fine control even with speakers much, much larger than you'd expect to find on the end of a dinky 2.5kg amplifier."

"…I'm no great fan of Bluetooth, finding it often sounds rather parched and anonymous, but the Denon's bang-up-to-date implementation seems to deliver the goods rather better than some…"


 "Sensibly priced, well equipped, neatly designed and with a sound that will have a wide appeal, the ultra-compact Denon PMA-50 is far more than the novelty it may first appear: it's a real hi-fi amplifier, and a very good one at that – just smaller.

Metro - "Lust List: New Tech We Want"

"A hi-fi amp in a seriously small package with all manner of digital and wireless connectivity"


"Denon have released the PMA-50, designed for those looking for a compact yet high performance amplifier."

What Hi Fi (online) - "Denon unveils £399 PMA-50 compact stereo amplifier"

"A dedicated headphone amplifier circuit with adjustable headphone impedance control is also built-on, offering settings for low-, medium- and high-impedance headphones"

To read the full online coverage please click  here.

Comparison - PMA-50



  • Advanced AL32 Processing

    Advanced AL32 Processing, the new generation of the Alpha processor. It is capable of digital signals to expand not only in the resolution to 32 bits, but also leads an upsampling of the digital signals by up to 192 kHz.

    The Alpha processor suppresses quantization and disturbing are the finest musical nuances, even in extremely quiet passages of music, again, of course. Thus, for example as well as conventional 16-bit CDs in 32-bit quality of service and with an extended frequency range kHz up to 80. The downstream high-quality 32-bit, 192 kHz-D/A-Wandler the latest generation ensure the faithful conversion of the signals in the analog world.

    Advanced AL32 Processing The variation in multi-channel multi-channel devices to work simultaneously for all channels and smoother in operation for multi-fidelity sound reproduction.


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